Control ceiling fan and lights

I would just not connect the Light side of the HB controller and leave the lights always powered. Just know that they won't blink when pairing/resetting. That's all. And the light control on the remote won't work either.

I would like to note, that your original post was about both the fan and the lights. I would recommend using the light control on the HB unit and removing the smartbulbs. Then you can use them somewhere else.

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Or I can just put regular bulbs and have it control it with the wink device right?

If you get the Hampton Bay unit, do yourself a favor and either buy a new antenna for it or at least open it up to make sure the existing one is attached securely to the connector. People have noticed problems with these having weak signal and needing a repeater in the same room for them to work reliably (or two repeaters or one a floor above, etc.). The module opens very easily and it's easy to check or replace the antenna. See here for the instructions I followed: Hampton Bay Zigbee Controller - Intermittent Connectivity - Resolved

Since doing this, I was able to get rid of the repeater I placed as close as possible to the fan (for no purpose other than this) and my RSSI has improved greatly despite the latter. This is a lot easier to do before you install the module, so I thought I'd share what I wish I knew then. :slight_smile:

Also, the next hub firmware (2.1.6?) will have a driver update for these that will handle things better if/when you need to reset and repair them and its DNI changes. Hopefully, I won't need to do that anymore, but if i do, that should help too (after I recreate the device once, so if you happen to get this thing tomorrow I might wait for the new firmware just in case).

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I’ll get it tomorrow on eBay and will take like 4 days to come so I’ll wait for the firmware update and for sure I will check the antenna and I thanks for the heads up, one thing my hub is really close like 10ft away behind a wall I hope I don’t need a repeater

If you have the Zigbee antenna (the white one) on the hub side of the fan, it might not. One of mine had the antenna on the far side of the fan from the hub. It actually routes through a repeater which is twice as far away from it than the hub is. Sometimes you just never know with these things.

Ever since I found the sweet spot for mine, it's been great as @Ryan780 mentioned. I needed a repeater above the plane of the blades (split level house, so easy), nothing else worked for me.

This is where I had to have mine, on the floor above it. It wouldn't use a repeater in the same room but lower than the blade but had no trouble going through a floor to the next level. :confounded: I gave up trying to apply logic to it. The nice part is that Unit #2 is on the top floor. So, I didn't have to put it in the fan cowl but instead it's just in the attic, about 6 feet from the fan and a foot from a repeater! :slight_smile:

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If neither of you have tried replacing the antenna, I'd highly recommend it so much I'll mention it again. The leaf one above works well, is about as inconspicuous as the included one if the underside is painted white (not a high bar but...), and greatly improved my stats--now I don't even need to worry about where my repeaters are, at least not more than with any other device. Don't be scared: it's pretty easy, since all you have to do is unscrew two screws to open the canopy module, disconnect and reconnect an antenna (standard uFL connector), and close it again. Much easier if you haven't already installed it, though.

I even have a extra antenna (it came in a two pack) if anyone wants to pay the minimal shipping it would take for me to get rid of it. I'll even paint it white if you want. :slight_smile: (This offer has now been taken.)

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No get at the one unit i have to take all the blades off the fan to get the cowl low enough. Takes me hours to do and it's been working for over a year without a blip. So, don't mess with something that's working...that's what i always say.

While I'm with @Ryan780 on the one I have in place, I have another one coming and more to follow.

Mine it’s coming this week, I’ll let you know about the antenna I might buy if from you.... let’s keep in touch

I use the Lutron Caseta fan controller for the fan, and then permanently power the lights. I use zigbee bulbs and have them manually controlled by a Lutron Pico. Works a treat!

Ok guys got it working no need for extender works perfect with the remote and I got it on my HE, now how can I control it with google home?..... obviously if this is possible, Thanks

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There are two options. If you pair directly to google home, you have to control it like you would any other light. You dim to 25% for low, 50% for Medium-low, 75% for medium and 100% for high. If that works for you, then you are all done at this point.

However, I didn't really like that method, so I came up with something much, MUCH more involved using IFTTT that allows me to speak the speed name to Google Home. This uses the maker API in HE and IFTTT to get it to work. if you want more details, I can provide them. But if you're not used to IFTTT, then this wouldn't be where you'd want to start as it is pretty involved. The dimmer option would be easiest.

Also, I would advice making a separate room in Google home for "Fans". In Google home they will show up as lights. So, when you say shut off the lights for the room, the fan will shut off as well. You may also want to edit the device names before pairing to google home. For example, in my office, the main unit, which is not paired to anything is "Office Fan Main Unit" . The fan is named "Office Fan" and the Light is called "Office Fan Light". Otherwise you end up with "Office Fan Fan" and "Office Fan Light". You can edit the label applied to the device on the edit device page.

Thanks for the prompt answer Ryan....
I’m not concern with the lights on and if it’s enough and I have lights controles already because they will be separated, my concernirá with the fan only, how can I make of discoverable on google or even ifttt, can’t see it in both places, do I have to configure something in the HE?

You don't even need to use IFTTT for that. I just made Google Home routines that do the same thing. Ex: When I say "Set ceiling fan to low" Assistant will (enter command) Set ceiling fan to 25%. I just had to make one for each speed for each fan. Not ideal, but it doesn't rely on another cloud service to do it.

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Can’t even see the fan in google home :frowning_face:

Yes...but with Google home Routines you need one routine per speed. With my solution using IFTTT i need one app for the whole fan. Not 5. You use the IFTTT recipe that has the verbal component. I am capturing that and then passing it off the the fan with the maker api. So, if the key word is low, is sends the low command to hubitat. Makes building it a LOT easier.

Did you add it to the google home app? Just the fan component.


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