Control amps via 12v trigger & relays

I have a house with multiple music zones. I don't necessarily want them all on at the same time. So whether I go with several small amps, or one with trigger inputs per zone-

I'd like to have a single smart device that is capable of sending a small voltage/amperage via several outputs. These outputs can hook up to relatively inexpensive solid state relays connected to a single 12v power supply. Or a smart device that can send 12v down several outputs.

I'm strugging to find a device like this. It's not too dissimilar from the insteon iolink device, though I think it can only power one output at a time.

Going the route of several smart plug in outlets each with their own 12v power supply seems overkill.

As long as it can have an integration with hubitat, it can be zwave, zigbee, IP based- whatever.

Anyone have any hints or suggestions?

Thank you!

Would the Zooz Zen16 relay work? It has 3 dry contact relays:

You can power this via 12V DC and then have it be the "load" on the dry contact relays and then via Hubitat you can toggle the relays to send 12V via dry contact relay.

Almost.. it was one that I was looking at a while ago and forgot about. Don't need the inputs (neither here nor there) - but has only 3 outputs. I need 4, maybe 5 depending on how creative I want to get.

An Arduino with an 8 channel relay module would work too. @ogiewon has a published HubDuino library and example sketches to get you going.

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Another Zigbee based option is this 4 channel relay board.

And it appears there is a driver that works with it.


The picture on Amazon of this Zigbee relay shows a PCB but it comes in a nice plastic package. Works great, i used it last week on a project and it paired easy. after pairing there is a mode button that you have to press to set (forever, it remains in the state you set it in) momentary or stay on or off based on the state Hubitat puts it in. It by default will turn on for one second then off after HE sends an on command unless you press the mode button once, then from that point forward (it remembers the setting if you remove power) it stays on or off as long as HE tells it to. Another thing i think is cool is you can power it from a micro USB or wire 12vdc directly into terminals and they are polarity agnostic.

Closing the loop on this one. Ultimately, I gave up on the more integrated home built direction. Sonos has an amp that I've gotten a few of, and does most of what I need. The only thing I'm really missing from it is being able to use my home theater as the audio source - which for my actual use case is very minor. A little pricier, but my wife loves the native ability in the sonos app to do things vs having to decipher a less flushed out system.