Control a mini-split from conventional thermostat

Good Morning All,
Thanks to @tomw , I am able to control my Pioneer mini-split using Hubitat.

I am trying to come up with a way to have my CT-100 z-wave thermostat also control the mini-split through Hubitat.

What I envision is:

When the mode on the physical thermostat is heat, the mini-split turns off and the thermostat controls the oil burner like it already does.

When the mode is set to cool, the thermostat will turn on the mini-split and control the temp based off the setting on the ct-100. So set the physical thermostat to 71, the mini split goes to 71. turn it down to 70 and the mini split goes to 70.

I don't even know where to begin. I'm hoping someone has some ideas.

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If you look at your Pioneer installation manual, some models have screw terminals labeled CN23 on the inside unit's controller board for connecting to an old-school thermostat. Using these terminals does not give you the benefits of having a variable-speed inverter compressor, and the manual will try to talk you out of using them with an external thermostat.

Since you already have the Midea-to-Hubitat integration working, is this something that can be accomplished in software via Rule Machine?????

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Yeah, that's what I would have suggested.

It sounds like you want things to happen in response to settings changes on the CT-100, @jasonp9. So, I'd be looking to see which events are supported (like setting mode to either cool or heat) and using those as triggers in Rule Machine rules. And the actions in those rules would make changes to the mini-split settings via commands on its Hubitat virtual device using my driver.


Thatโ€™s what I was thinking. Im going to try to work that out.

First issue I am having is I canโ€™t find anything in rule machine to turn the thermostat off. Off is a button in the device, not a mode. How would I โ€œpushโ€ that off button?