Considering WebCoRE but need some advice / information

No problem. I, myself, learn better with examples that I can adjust to suit my needs, and build new ones off of. I've learned a lot of neat tricks from other's ideas.

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Here's a piston that shows how you can do motion controlled lighting with 2 motion sensors. Hopefully this will help get you started in creating your own pistons.

Also of note, disabling command optimization will allow the piston to send commands to devices regardless of their reported state. For instance, if a device is reported as being off, but is actually on, disabling command optimization will allow the piston to send the off command which will turn off the device and correct the reported state. This is useful if you have devices that default to On when power is restored from an outage, but where that On state isn't reported to HE.

Edit: I should probably also mention that it is generally a good idea to use triggers instead of conditions for statements that you want to activate the piston. I just used conditions in the piston above as an example. If you happen to use both in a piston, only the triggers will activate it. You can see what statements will activate the piston by the lightning bolt icon on the left.

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