Considering Hubitat Several questions

I am now using Smart things and considering changing to Hubitat.

I have an Arduino that I use for controlling relays and also have temp sensors connected to it. I have an app that monitors the sensor and closes a relay to run a pump for my heat. It works very well. I need to make that happen with the Hubitat. I also run relays on timers on the Arduino from ST. Is all this possible with the Hubitat and Arduino setup? I am really interested in the Local Lan connections between them. I am getting more and more skeptical of th ecloud approach. Since the Hubitat is on sale this weekend I need to make a decision soon.

Thanks for any thoughts

I'll let @ogiewon respond to this!, I think you'll be quite happy.

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Here you go! Let me know if you have any questions about using HubDuino. Or, if preferred, I can help you port your existing ST code to Hubitat. It is really great having all local processing.

You can make REST calls from the rule manager. I’ve got an Arduino attached to a relay for my garage which I control this way.

I have a contact with a relay for op/cl my garage door the contact shows me that the door is closed. In the ST version of Dan's sketch ST_Anything he has a button that monitors the contact and will operate the door motor when pressed. It works well.

If you're using an ST_Anything sketch already, you'll simply need to change the IP address and port from your ST hub to the Hubitat hub. Installing my HubDuino drivers on the Hubitat hub is very straightforward as well.

I am using your ST anything sketch already. So i know it will work now for all but the DS18/Relay combo that I have a SmartApp using a relay and a DS18 turning on/off the relay for set temperatures and at set times. this is what I am using == 5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor

Is there a similar app??

I know Hubitat has a virtual thermostat. That may be an option. You could also simply port the SmartApp you're using currently over to Hubitat. Many Apps port with little to no code changes.

That is making it to easy!!

I am making the move to using Hubitat. I have my temperature sensors working, and I am sensing the garage door contacts. What I haven't figured out is the relays. They don't show up in the device list. I have the Child relay switch and the Child Switch. Probably missing a step. What am I missing?


I need a little more info before I can assist. Can you please share your sketch? That would help me to understand exactly which devices your sketch is trying to create children for.

Just after I sent the last post the switches showed up. So far so good. What I haven't figured out is how to access them. Do I need to create a virtual switch for them?

The HubDuino Parent Device should automagically create child devices for each of the devices you defined in your sketch. These child devices can be used like any other device in your system. You can use them in Rule Machine, Simple Lighting, Motion Lighting, Safety Monitor, Dashboard, etc...

They show up. I must be missing something basic. I'll keep at it. Thanks

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Delete the parent and all th echildren go away. Reboot the arduino and everything shows up and add them t o the dashboard and they work. Don't know what I missed but hey ...

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Glad you’ve got it sorted out and working.