Consider Variables in HSM Restrictions

Would like to see the ability to add logic consideration for variables in HSM Restrictions for alerts and notifications, etc.

Background: Like many people, I use MODE for presence classification: Home, Away, Unoccupied, Guests Here, etc.

However, to address the complexity of using modes, and wanting to have notifications, alarms, etc. ONLY occur within "time blocks" I created a string variable for "Time of Day". Then using rules, I set the variable to Morning, Daytime, Evening, or Nighttime based on the time of day. You could obviously add additional time blocks to be set at different times (like Afternoon, Early Evening, etc.

I'm sure there are other uses, but given that, it would be great for HSM to ALSO have the ability to evaluate Variables in the Restrictions, so, for example, I could have HSM alert me ONLY when motion sensors are triggered when MODE=Home and Time of Day=Nighttime. This of course can be done in Rule Machine but would be a great addition IMO to HSM. Thank you.

At that point it's simply easier to use RM which will do all that.

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