Consider "searchable" option for enum and capability inputs

When you have an input in an app that has many options (RM is a great example of this in many cases such as choosing a device), it'd be nice if there was an option to enable searching much like the driver list when adding a virtual device:

It looks like you guys are using SumoSelect which I think means all you need is {search: true} to turn this on. I think it will be a bit benefit to any capability input, and also enums with a long list. A few examples:

1.) I have an app that lets you choose to turn on a switch on a holiday. There are hundreds of holidays. It makes finding the holiday in that list much easier
2.) In HPM I have a list of tags (new feature) which could have 100+ items, makes it hard to find what you want
3.) When making a rule in RM finding the right switch when you have 75 switches currently means I rely on ctrl+F and the browser when instead it could be built in
4.) In RM, even for just the lists of some of the actions searching would be nice. I sometimes forget is it "Certain Time" or "Time of Day"? Etc. Again, right now I rely on ctrl+F

@markus fyi since we were talking about this