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Hello all,

I am new to the world of HE and have no skills what so ever. There, its on the table and did I mention I'm from Belguim.

I have some hue and sonoff, zigbee and wifi stuff. I would of loved to lose the hue bridge, but it is what it is.
So far I love the HE, I still have a lot to learn but a simple automatisation is no problem.

Here is the do I get the HE to play with the wifi stuff?
I have been looking for a sollution but it looks like there is no other way to do this if you don't use IFTTT or flash the firmware.
Is it possible to connect the eWeLink app or... to the HE? For IFTTT you also have to go outside of your network, and I would not mind to do so. The internet here almost never goes down and if it does I will lift my ■■■ to turn on whatever it is I want on.

thanks for the help


Welcome @meknoy.

In terms of Wifi-based devices and services, like most things, "it depends".... There are a number that have drivers written by members of the Community, some call out to cloud hosted services in order to integrate with HE, some can communicate locally like I think you are after, it really depends on the device. The TP-Link smart outlets I have are an example where you can connect to them via the cloud-based setup you would normally use through the Kasa App, or you can disconnect them from that and communicate locally from HE directly to the device.

I can't comment on the eWeLink app, I will need to leave that for others to reply.

Like I said, it really depends on the device. If you have other wifi devices you were curious about, post some of the details on this thread and I'm sure others will be able to help or direct you to the right place.


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Involves the cloud, but instead of IFTTT (which charges a fee now for over 3 automations) you can also use the Echo Skill from HE to utilize Alexa (don’t actually need an Alexa device btw) and some virtual switches (there are a couple of special drivers that work) to control the devices.


Whoohoow, looks like this is gooing in the right direction.

Not an IFTTT fan sinds it has roled over for greed :smile:

No device needed, great! Just the app is enough? I can't buy a alexa device, German amazon wil not send one to belgium. NOT greedy enough :thinking: :rofl:

Virtual switches and special drivers? Can you give some more info, I would love to learn and try it.


There’s a couple of drivers in this thread. (I mainly use the Virtual Contact with Switch):

You don't need to by any Alexa hardware as @thebearmay stated above, so that should clear one hurdle. -Joel

Thanks everyone, fixed it with the alexa app and bought a dot 4 on cybermonday in the Nederlands where I have some friends.
Played around with some virtual switches, great stuff.


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