Connecting multiple actions into one

Hey there,

is there a way to connect multiple actions into one? In my case, I have a concrete Rule in mind. I want to have a sunrise simulation (I know, there are multiple ways to do this, I've used the search function :wink: ). I've seen, that there is a rule du set dimmer levels over time, set color temperature and change color temperature over time. Basically everything that I need for an easy sunrise simulation. Is there a way to connect this actions via an "IF"-statement?

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That's not quit what I was looking for. Ich was looking for a way to combine "change color temperature over time" with "Set dimmer". So that over a specific time period, a bulb get's brighter, while changing the color temperature.

Ok, I'm just an idiot, who used the wrong commands... :pensive:

Thank you and sorry for the newbie-question. :sweat_smile:

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