Connecting HE Hub to Wifi Repeater/Extender

Just got my HE hub up and running and connected my first device to do basic testing before migrating over all my Wink devices. The suggestion is to place the HE hub in a central location, but I don't want to have an Ethernet cable draped across the floor. I connected the HE hub to my wifi repeater and everything seems to be working ok. However at that location, I will need a repeater/extender with 4 Ethernet ports. Since I'm not up on repeater/extender technology, does anyone have a suggestion for a device that works best with HE. Or will just any of the better recommended ones due.

Appreciate any feedback.

Just plug a simple un-managed switch into the port on your repeater. You can pick one up usually for less than $10.
The switch is going to be faster than your wifi as long as you get a Gigabit switch.

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It wants to be central to the "sphere of Devices" -- imagine all the places you'll put devices and try to get the hub in the center of that. In other words, if you can put it in a convenient location, and it will "hear" 18 devices, but over there, it can "hear" 20, I'd say it's not worth it. :slight_smile:

Some people's homes are such that you must rely on the mesh, and therefore the 'center' doesn't help. Let me put it a different way... there's a home with a detached shed. The distance to the shed is 30' from the closest wall of the house. Clearly the "center" would be 15ft out in the middle of the yard between the house and the shed. That's horrible, the Hub isn't weatherproof!! LOL :smiley: Better then to have a really great mesh to that wall of the house so that devices installed in the shed can reach and have some choices. Find the center of the bulk of your devices, then plan how to place devices to increase the mesh outward.


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Got it; thanks.