Connecting 433MHz Dooya Blind Motors to HE

Hi Community!

I'm looking for some advice on how I could connect two Dooya DV24-CE/L-0.6/34 blind motors to HE. The motors run on 433 MHz frequency band.

Someone else recommended a Broadlink RM Pro hub. I see there is also an HE driver for the Broadlink RM Pro.

Any recommendations?

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I don't know of anything here, but there's a discussion on the HA forum about it that might give you some ideas if you haven't seen it.

If it's just one remote, you could always just hack the remote. Close three different relays to close contacts on the three buttons. I did this for an iSmart Alarm once. No integration outside of a very slow IFTTT service, so I just used a Xiaomi dual relay connected to two mains voltage relays to give me two, no voltage dry contacts. Soldered those dry contacts to the button pads on the remote and added a 5v to 3.3v buck converter so the remote didn't need a battery.

Worked brilliantly to give me instant, local arm and disarm of iSmart Alarm via HE (although iSmart Alarm has now been replaced with a Ring Alarm). I do similar for my Aqara hub. It's has a (not very loud) siren feature, but it can only be triggered by a Xiaomi sensor. So I use that same aforementioned method with the relays dry contact soldered to the reed switch of a Xiaomi Mijia contact sensor. That then triggers the Aqara siren anytime the RIng Alarm is triggered.

I have 2 Dooya blinds and just use the sonoff rf bridge with tasmota for HE.
There is no driver to send codes but I just set up a rule with HTTP commands.

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it works well

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In same boat here, blinds with RF 433mhz controller.

The RF remote for:

(ESP Based) Has a function that 'sniffs' for RF traffic and therefore reports back to HE when the native RF remote is used, keeping HE in sync.
Also has the added benefit of optionally trigging other stuff in HE from the RF remote.

I am in a similar boat, trying to control blinds on 433MHz RF, thinking I will try do something similar with and ESP and radio module. Any resources someone could point me to? Or I guess esphome/tasmota is the way to go if I am going down this route? Would be neat to get rf sniffing working also.

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I use a sonoff RF bridge with tasmota. It's pretty straight forward to set up and works fine with my blinds and other rf devices. It won't be able to keep HE in sync as there can be small variability in the codes it sniffs each time.

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