Connect two C-7 Hubs on separate remote networks

I have two properties, a home and vacation home, each with C-7 hubs which are set up and functioning, each with a small amount (10-15) devices. I started with the vacation home and connected it with Alexa and everything worked perfectly. Then added the C-7 the hub to my home and and connected it to Alexa which worked at home but now I found out that I can not connect to the vacation home with Alexa.

I think I understand that I need to connect the hubs but what are your suggestions? Do I need to install HubConnect? Hub Mesh? I have started subscription of Remote Admin which is allows me to connect to both hubs remotely.

Any help or advice to get started would be greatly appreciated!

Hub Mesh will connect hubs that are on the same subnet. That's probably not true for your two homes.

HubConnect will work to other subnets by using Hubitat's Cloud. Each hub connects to Hubitat's cloud to check for updates and is how Remote Admin works too.

If all you want to do is check in on your vacation home, then remote admin is good. If you want a single dashboard that contains devices from both homes, I think HubConnect is the answer.

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Thanks @csteele for your quick response! My goal is to be able use my single Alexa app to communicate commands to either location which was working until I added the second hub at my home. I will give HubConnect a try. Do you suggest trying the v2.0?

Any great links for you can offer for setup?

With the caveat that I might be doing something wrong.
My experience with connecting HE to Alexa at two locations AND using the same Amazon/Alexa account doesn't work very well. Alexa "sees" all devices on both hubs. Hence the command "Alexa, turn on the fan" may impact either location.

With the advent of Alexa using "rooms" this problem may be moot.

I would suggest that there is no other version. Your post reminds me that I should have taken down the old 1.x version. I'll start that now...

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In my experience it's still a disaster and requires naming rooms common to both locations (living room, hall, kitchen, etc.) using different names at each location. So you end up with "Alexa; turn on [your location name here] Living Room lights" to differentiate between the 2. While workable, it's got a pretty low WAF. Then there's the "Alexa; turn off/on all lights" issue.

It's pretty sad that Amazon still hasn't implemented a house or location model. Google Home has had this for a while but I personally don't like the GH devices.

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That pretty much describes my experience.

One solution might be to have two Amazon accounts?? I never wanted to put that much effort into it.
I just disconnected Alexa at location #2.


Thanks All for you input. I have had no problem with the location differentiation by using prefix for the vacation home (i.e. condo). Also I have set up Rooms with Alexa so when I walk into room with an echo and I say turn on lights, it only turns on all of the lights that room. Agree that it is cumbersome but I finally got my wife to use Alexa! Can't change now. Lol!

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@csteele I was able to install v2.0. I seemed to have both the Server (Home) and Remote (Condo) connected. Server for a while showed (Condo) connected. However, Condo always showed (Home) Offline. Now it shows both locations now show offline.

Any suggestions or troubleshooting links? TIA!!

There's a set of Videos on the HubConnect site

For Server, start at 1:17 because the first minute is simply getting the code onto the Hub... which Bundles has solved. It's only a 2:47 video so those last 90 seconds go quickly... a trade off between the size of the video and how many times the Pause button gets clicked. :smiley: It takes you through adding the Server app and connecting to a remote hub.

It's a bit of a duplicate, but for Remote Client/Hub install, start at the 1:00 mark.

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Hasn't Hubconnect been discontinued? i too have the same issue, two sites remote from each other i would like to have merged into on dashboard and rule manager. Any suggestions as it appears HubMesh does not support this? Great feature, wish it was still a part of hub mesh.

Believe HubConnect should still work with 2 HE hubs, just no longer with ST.


if you know how to make it work please enlighten me, i would LOVE for this to work. Hubitat dropped support for hubconnect is what the release notes said.

What are you talking about? What release notes? HubConnect is not a built-in app/driver. It was developed by @srwhite and @csteele.

Because ST dropped support for Groovy, HubConnect will not longer permit "devices" to be shared between ST and Hubitat hubs. But it will absolutely still work for device sharing between Hubitat hubs.

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It still works everyday, all day, for me:


As has been said here... HubConnect will no longer work to ST (once Samsung finalizes the destruction of Groovy. In other words, it's on their schedule, the code isn't changing.)

HubConnect works as well today as it ever has, but ST and Hubitat's built-in HubMesh has more or less pushed it into a niche of Hubitat hubs on disparate networks. :smiley:

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Awesome guys, thank you for the constructive feedback - very helpful. i misunderstood, i was not aware of a community app - i was referring to the apps hub mesh replaced. thank you again. j