Connect to hub using SSH

Hey, did anyone succeed on connecting to Hubitat Hub through SSH?

I'm trying to get access to it to see if I can develop some groovy libraries to use inside my drivers and apps.

They aren't going to give SSH access to the hub. Never gonna happen.


Bummer I'd love to run top or ps and see what load averages look like... And other things.

You'd probably mostly just see the Java runtime--wouldn't help much. :slight_smile:

How would SSH help you develop a library? You have a couple options that would work today: a parent-child app (or driver), where the parent contains common methods (also has an impact on organization in the UI, so might not be best for apps that aren't actually related) or some sort of "precompiler" you feed your Groovy through before giving it to the hub, where you can use "includes" or similar. I haven't used one for this purpose but imagine it would work (though clearly haven't found the effort worth it).

I'm quite sure it would help. I could upload my libraries using ssh, and configure the java environment to look for them and allow me to import from the apps/drivers.

I would say this is incredibly unlikely to happen, so I would look into one of the other options--or just take the "low tech" approach many take of copying and pasting. (Yes, it is not as nice as it could be, but I think staff have indicated this is not likely to come anytime soon if ever, at least under the current app and driver model--I recall a similar request in the past I'm unable to find right now.)

It won't ever come officially. Period.

Now, someone could probably exploit a vulnerability and get root and get in... But that is a one-off and unsupported effort.

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I tried, but not very hard. I have other priorities now, may be in a couple of months I get back to it.

Be sure you understand that while this hub permits Development, it is in no way intended to be a development platform. Hubitat staff have said this (almost always better :slight_smile: ) more than a few times and indicated all their work is targeting the "Best Home Automation Hub."

I believe there's no effort to prevent 3rd party development because that development fills in gaps in both time and energy and technology... plus the obvious case that Hubitat develops on/in this exact same environment.

Feel free to ask for the features, just be aware of where Hubitat is aiming, as you prepare yourself for their answer. They won't say Yes unless you ask... but those of us that have been here for a while have read their answers before and try to parrot them back to those new to the Community.


Old thread and while I don't see the need for getting root access, there are some information available for the C7. Looks like it is based on Amlogic A113X SoC running a standard Android architecture uses "linaro" as OS. The bootloader timeout is set to zero, so you cannot easily get to the boot shell.