Connect To Hub missing from iOS app?

This menu option seems gone, replaced by a request for payment to get local access to the hub. Can this possibly be true or am I missing something?

Sounds like you weren't on your local network (phone may have chosen the data signal instead of the wifi if you were home).

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YES! I think that’s it. It’s back to normal now but I didn’t do anything. Thanks.

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I too had this issue and I was on the local network. My wifi was connected, and I could manually browse to the hub in Safari via IP address.

Force closing and reopening the Hubitat app had no effect, I still only saw the option to [Purchase remote admin] where the [Connect to hub] option normally is. I could even go to the [Registered hubs] option and use the [Connect to hub] option from there (proving again that I was connected to local network where Hub is).

I restarted the phone and it then showed as expected.

I do think that there is a missing check or some buggy logic for this button switching between [Purchase remote admin] and [Connect to hub].