Connect Hubitat to LG WebOS

I’m new to Hubitat, I recently purchased a new LG GX OLED TV, my TV picks up Hubitat as IOT device and gives me the option to add it so I can control devices from my TV but when I try to add it , it’s asking to press a button on Hubitat to authenticate it, I’m lost here. Can anyone please assist? I have the latest Hubitat C7 and it’s up to date with firmware. Please see pictures of what is happening

I do not think hubitat has any official integrations with any televisions.

Do you know if there is any why to authenticate if any device is trying to connect to Hubitat? Via Discover etc?

I am not sure. An integration could be created i think though.

I use code from this thread to integrate my lg television. Not sure if it will work for yours though.

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I have no idea what the tv is detecting, but no that won’t work. You’d need a custom lg integration. There is nothing built in to the hub.


or unofficial, their LAN discover is 100% useless.

This is, by far one of my favorite apps I have found on Hubitat! Thank you. Im having a little issue where I can only add one TV, it does find both but once one is set up it goes through without sending the on screen prompt to the second? Also it is stubborn and will only find one TV at a time :man_shrugging: Any ideas?

Also is there a way to use the 'Pause' and 'Play' buttons?

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