Connect a HE to a hue hub in a shed by network (ethernet)

Hi, I have a HE its works great with the hue hub.
Can I connect another hue hub by ethernet to my HE ? The reason being is I have a shed 120 metres away connected with ethernet cable. (I did try daisy chaining outdoor zigbee repeaters but it was intermitent)
So how does the HE sned signals to the Hue Hub, is it via network protocols or via zigbee?
Just trying to figure out if my solution is simply another hue hub in the Shed.

You can add more than one hue bridge. Go to the Apps section, open Add built-in app at the top, select the hue integration to add another instance for that bridge. Just select the bridge and the devices for it should populate in the integration.

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are the hue hubs connectable to the habitat by ethernet then right?

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