Confusing Apps "Add New Apps" sequence

New HE user here, sharing my experience/confusion.

  • Wanting to use the Firmware Updater app.
  • Choose Apps off left sidebar.
  • Add Built-In App button.
  • Choose "Device Firmware Updater" from the list.
  • App pops up and you can interact with it.
  • Press the GEAR icon in the upper right of the popup app and its the empty skeleton of all the app options (no events, nothing changable, etc), but does have a "Remove Device FIrmware Updater" button at the bottom right.
  • When you pop out of the Device Firmware Updater app, its not actually added to your app list.

Confusion for a new user. Did I do something wrong? Where did it go?

It doesn't get added (even though you pressed the Add Built-In Apps" button to find it. It has buttons that say "Remove..." but it never gets added so you can't remove it either.

I'm guessing its sorta an app (more of a utility) that doesn't really NEED to get added, but its using the same framework the other apps use. Still confusing the first time you try to interact with it.

Would suggest making the workflow different for not-really-an-app apps like these. :slight_smile:

You didn't press DONE (lower right corner, after the App is added.)

When you do, you get back to the list of Apps and there it is...
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.18.09 AM

"Done" is an important button in Hubitat. It's all over the UI and it's the "make it so" button :smiley:

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Thank you! I would call that button "Add App" but I take your point. Done didn't read as an action to actually add it to me. I guess once you know, you know.

In my defense the other button says "Remove". A "Remove" and "Add" would seem more logical vs "Remove" and "Done".

Regardless, thanks!


Both of those buttons are horrible IMO. The remove button can be very deceiving at times. One second you think you are removing a rule or part of an app, giant red remove button yes that must do what I want.... nope you just killed the whole app and all of your settings in the app and childs with no warning.

Where you find specific apps that have that behavior, I certainly hope you are giving that feedback to the app author (Hubitat or end user)...

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Having just started dabbling in App development, I dont know much about what they should/can or should not do, I just assumed that was expected behavior. I guess you are saying that it can be controlled by the app in some way? I think it was with a built in Hubitat app but I don't remember which one. Not really keen to go hitting remove buttons to find out either :upside_down_face:

Most of us who have been using Hubitat for more than a year have pretty much accepted the interface for what it is. It’s always good to hear reports from new users with no preconceptions. Your comments, hopefully, will cause the interface to become better for all of us.

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