Confused about PIN

This has been reported before, but didn't get a satisfactory answer. Just to experiment, I enabled cloud access to a dashboard, and set a PIN, which all worked as intended. Then I changed my mind and deleted the PIN by backspacing out the numbers I had entered and saving again. Accessing the dashboard via cloud still prompts for a pin, it isn't the one I originally entered neither can I pass the prompt by pressing enter. It's expecting a pin but of course I can't match it as it no longer exists. Is there a solution?

NB PIN doesn't seem to affect local access - is it meant to apply to local access?

Without starting over? You can copy your dashboard onto a new blank one. You just have to copy all the data from the dashboard in question, gear menu, advanced, layout (and/or any CSS you may have applied). You also would have to authorize those devices on the new blank dashboard in apps.

But it sure sounds like a bug of some type.