Conflicting Lighting Rules

I have two simple lighting rules:

1/ turn on the backyard lights 30min after sunset and off at 11:30pm

2/ if any motion detected past 5pm outside turn on the backyard lights for 20 min then flip off.

Rule nbr 2 works well except when someone goes out when the lights are on. I think it’s flipping my lights off after 20 min.

Has anyone come up with a rule that handles this? Assume I need to flip my simple motion rule to one that checks if the lights have already been turned on and motion ignore. If off, turn on and if before 11:30pm leave alone and if after 11:30 turn off in 20. That leaves a slight gap for when someone goes out at 11:15ish with the dog as the lights will go off on them too quick.

Really not enough to go by to cover all the edge cases but disable turning off light option sounds like what you are looking for in the motion lighting app.

Ah thanks. I had installed but never used that app as I was focused on simple automations and rule machine.

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Ok going to try this out for a couple days and see if i got it right. Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a lot of raccoons so after 1am, I'm assuming we are not taking the dog out and instead they are patrolling.

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