Not sure if this is possible but I am working on a commercial solution using Hubitat. I would like to have a configuration saved with rules, apps, and virtual devices and use this base configuration for new installs. Is there a way to save a configuration and set up a new Hubitat with the configuration so it doesn't have to be done manually for each customer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

@erktrek is the most likely candidate I can think of.... Any thoughts? Or anyone @ogiewon... :slight_smile:


Sure, just use the Settings -> Backup and Restore feature to create a backup of the hub's database. Download that somewhere safe. Then simply restore that backup to each new hub. All Apps, Virtual Devices, and basic hub settings (Location Name, Timezone, Zipcode, etc...) will all be preserved. I would make sure to NOT include any Cloud Integrations in this baseline backup image, which would include Mobile App devices, Amazon Alexa integration, Google Home integration, etc... Wait on those once the 'new hub' is up and running, and then add those as needed.

Obviously, any physical Zigbee/Z-Wave devices will need to be paired with the hub and then those devices assigned to rules as appropriate.

You'll probably need to do some experimenting to see what 'breaks' with the above strategy.


The system I use with my clients includes a Raspberry PI "companion server". It's purpose among other things is using for automated backups, remote access, rules controller (Node-RED), HomeKit access (Hombridge), even a VPN (WireGuard) etc. I tend to keep my Hubitat Hubs running as minimal a config as possible with only Maker API and Groups and Scenes and possibly dashboard. You can then save a baseline image of the "companion server" for easy and consistent deployment.

Has been working very well for my needs..


As well as the experiences of those here on the Community, I would also suggest reaching out to Hubitat staff and get their take on what you are wanting to achieve.

I'm only guessing, but it feels like some of the changes introduced recently lend themselves in some way to what you were describing, or at least are heading towards it. Things like import / export of rules, and now even app configurations more broadly. Not sure whether these currently allow for importing onto a completely new setup, but from what I saw with cloning a rule in RM5, this feature may seems to offer the choice of mapping devices referenced in the rule. Again, Hubitat staff would be best to comment on this and what is possible and what is not, and how applicable it is for your situation.

A while ago I had reached out to the folks at Hubitat about the possibility of a paid vendor support tier with sales/marketing help maybe some upgraded services for managing deployments etc.

Unfortunately they were not doing anything like that at the time other than bulk sales. Understandable of course given the limited resources available. It may also be a direction they are not interested in pursuing due to cost/benefit.. dunno.

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I think the OP is looking more for technical assistance rather than ongoing commercial arrangements. I feel like expanding the technical offering is still a focus at the moment, while expanding their individual services like remote admin.

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Yes I agree.. Ultimately it's up to the us as front line providers to package the system we can sell and support to our residential/commercial clients. The systems will be different from vendor to vendor depending upon the business model of course.

It would be nice to get some help from Hubitat, Inc though. A commercial tier could provide such technical support as well as other nice things like partner branding - lots of possibilities. The problem of course is volume - not sure there would be enough of it for Hubitat, Inc to consider expending the resource - which is why I was thinking of a "paid" tier...

I will say I find the remote access subscription to be very useful for tweaking things.. even though I use VPNs for the most part.

apologies for straying off topic but it is kind of related..

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Personally I think it is at least interesting, if not relevant to discuss alongside this type of request given the limited discussion on this side of using a HE hub.

But to bring it back to the topic....

@angelonej - have you had a chance to consider @ogiewon 's suggestions, or look at my suggestions around rule / app import / export (admittedly my post is only 3 hours old...)?


Part of the issue is making the determination if going with an HE only solution fits your model. If so then incorporating backups, exports and a set of standard apps etc are recommended as part of a baseline installation. Also would consider developing a set of custom apps branded with your company name for certain common rules/devices. Also come up with a standard set of smart devices you are going to use - pick a known brand like Zooz or Inovelli or Lutron.


Yeah, certainly not my area of expertise. While I can appreciate some of the commercial considerations, not all are front of mind for someone like me who treats this as a hobby alongside my day job.

From my own personal experience in managing my own setup (certainly not to any commercial standard), I would expect that there would be some value in promoting a service in managing a customers setup, providing a more bespoke service in customising their system to suit their needs? That said, from the OP's opening question and my own understanding of commercial forces, I can appreciate that a simple, set and forget type of install is desirable, perhaps with an initial level of customisation, but largely maintenance free....

I know I keep contradicting myself, but I think that just highlights the competing forces when looking at this topic.... Glad I just need to satisfy one customer... :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And I don't always achieve that....