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hi all i have quite a few generic drivers in use, recently there have been a lot of updates available, so ive been updating, ive found some of my rules havent been working after the update, so i have to go to the non working item and click config /refresh and then it starts working again. is there a way to config all devices at once after an update? im asking because it takes a while to go through them, theres approx 30 items, my second question would be is there a way to update multiple hubs at the same time, i currently have 4 hubs on the go , many thanks for any help / thoughts

There is no built-in way to run either or both of those commands at once, and it generally should not be necessary. There is likely something else going on. Have you tried looking into the problem? (But if you wanted to do it anyway: you could create a rule with all of those devices, run "Configure" or "Refresh" as a custom command in the actions, and manually run the rule whenever you want or trigger it via whatever means you decide.)

For Z-Wave devices, "Configure" generally sends configuration parameters to the device, which "Save Preferences" for most drivers will also do (and initialization at pairing time if the correct driver was chosen and it decides to do anything then, which likely depends on the driver/device). For Zigbee devices, it sends Zigbee configuration to the device, which generally tells it what and when to report things to the hub--which is one reason it's a good idea to hit this after you change drivers, but beyond that, it shouldn't do much for you. The meaning of this command may vary between specific drivers, but this is generally what you'll find. "Refresh" generally asks the device for new reports. With most devices, this should not be necessary during regular use (one exception: many pre-Plus Z-Wave switches/dimmers did not license a patent that allowed instant reporting of physical changes, and this is one workaround for that--the "switch" attribute not matching the real-world state after physical changes).

Or, to summarize, neither of these should really help with a device that has "fallen off" your network, if that's what happened, though a "Refresh" may work around other problems if the device is responsive. :slight_smile:

thankyou, my issue is zigbee, i only have 3 z wave items and they all behave at present lol, the zigbee items arent even the same driver, one is a generic dimmer the other is a generic switch, today i ran an update but one of my automations was in the midst of its countdown to turn off, i ran the update and when the hub rebooted after install the motion automation failed to run, so i had a look at the device and it said it was on but it was actually powered off, i clicked refresh and it then showed as off so when i walked past the sensor it then turned them on and off as normal, this never used to happen with updates, but its started very recently, as in the last 6 updates, in sure there must be something else going on but im at a loss as to how to find it, especially when config or refresh usually works to sort it, im fully excited about the prospect of running this as a command ill have a look later and see if i can work it out, the items in question dont currently have a driver of their own, im sure they will eventually i asked about them a couple of years ago and was told they arent on the radar yet ! but ive seen that some of the aurora aone items are slowly getting drivers

im also having a seperate issue of a sonoff zigbee temp sensor falling off the network and im not sure why or how to resolve it, the temp sensor is the closest item i have on the hub but i cant get it to play nice lol

I have about 100 zigbee devices and none fall off the network but I've see where having the zigbee and wifi channels overlapping can cause issues. The MetaGeek graphic is the easiest to understand and plan with IMO.

ZigBee and WiFi Coexistence — MetaGeek.

Typically you'll want to set your 2.4GHz band on the router to channel 1 or 6 depending on what your neighbors are using and then set zigbee to channel 25. I wouldn't use channel 26 as not all zigbee devices support it and it's a lower power than the rest.

that actually makes total sense, its the one closest to the hub but its also the one closest to the access point, ill change the channels tonight, theres around 140 items on mine, i see very little drama thats not user error lol the temp sensor was literally the cheapest i could find, so i expected some sort of drama but i have a few of them now, so i wasnt sure if it just wasnt a faulty unit, it definitely sounds like it could be the wifi!

Did changing the channels resolve your issue?

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Hi Lewis,
It didn't change the issue, it's still failing to report temp at random intervals, I've also powered off the wifi for a couple of days to see if it still persisted, it did, I've now ordered a pack of batteries for the thermostat, the battery level says 100% but I figure it's worth a shot, I'm also gonna order a new thermostat when I get a spare bit of money just to see if it's some sort of black spot in my house ?? It definitely a puzzle