Config for Fibaro Switch for Motorized Curtain

Hi Guys,

Trying to use a Fibaro FGS-213 Single 2 switch using the Fibaro Switch Device to drive my electric curtain motor (Dooya KT82TS).

Need to know the proper config as shown below to open/ close curtain shutter.

If they are just on/off (open/close) then you need the ‘Toggle’ setting.
If you want to set them to 50% for example then you have the wrong device.
You need the ‘fibaro roller shutter’ device (which works when using a dimming driver)


This explains why mine don't work fully. I'm using the aeotec nano shutter, it works with the dimmer driver but just On/ Off. How does the Fibaro one work then? It must still have two relays?

I use the Fibaro Roller Shutter Controller for my conservatory powered windows.
I use the 'Generic z-wave dimmer' driver and it works for me to tell alexa to set it to 50% (or any other percentage)

I also have some apps I wrote to control levels with temperature etc.

It works exactly like a dimmer.. using 'setLevel' command to set the windows to whatever level I choose

Seems to work perfectly for me


Hi Andy,

Where did you buy yours ? I can't find them in Amazon. There are a few from eBay but not a fan of ebay though



I’m in the UK so


From what I can tell, this device has one wire for open and one wire for close. So, opening them to 50% would be based on timing? I'm also assuming that it wants continuous current if you want them to continue moving and not just a momentary contact. So, if you want them open half way, and it takes 10 seconds for them to open/close completely and they are currently closed, you would need to apply voltage to the brown wire on the motore for 5 seconds. But if all the same was true but they were open, you would have to apply voltage to the black wire for 5 seconds. Where is all that processing done? In the device itself or in the driver?

After configuration you ‘calibrate’ the device physically on the device.
It travels to fully open/fully closed a few times so it knows where it is all the time.

Andy, out of curiosity, I pulled the Fibaro instructions and for the 4th time today I'm asking myself, "How the heck does it do that?!?" LOL. But seriously, does it sense that the motor is not pulling any more current and then switch directions? This is one of those things that at first blush looks like magic, even to someone who understands more than the average joe about how these things work.

Now, the motor the OP linked to can also be controlled locally by pulling on the curtains themselves, to either stop or to start. Would local changes like that cause them to become unsynced? Or is there some way that the Fibaro "knows" that has happened?

I don’t try to stop or close my windows...
I have absolutely no idea what would happen

I suspect it reads the increased current when the motor hits the stop..

Further than that you would need to contact Fibaro..


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I'm not THAT curious. :slight_smile: thanks!

I'm under the same misunderstanding. But I'm not even sure if the aeotec does it at all? There was a parameter to set the time in seconds from open to close. I'm assuming I then need the correct driver for it to then know how long to open for to get 50% ?