I have never been happier with home automation until switching to HE. I was a wink hub user but He is just much more fun to use. I can say I am quite addicted to home automation now. Thank you HE


Welcome to the addiction. Your fix is available on Amazon.


Lol my wife started to notice more Amazon packages in front of our house lately and she might limit allowance for smart hone devices very soon.

You can get away by calling them safety devices. Especially for your kids :grin:

:wink:Change the delivery instruction to the back door, shed, or somewhere else.:sunglasses:

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Can always do Amazon locker too. Then just make sure she doesn't check your trunk.

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Hi, My name is Dave. I am a Technoholic. This is my first TA (technoholic Anon) meeting. I first start down this path with my TRS-80.


Hi Dave.

What would are prayer be?

God grant me the finances to buy the devices I want, the credit to buy the devices I can't afford and a system where they will work flawlessly.


There is nothing wrong with that, unless you still use it today.

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Very close. But do we have a 12 step program.

Note: I am not making light of AA or it's many derivative. I am just making light.


My addiction started with a Commodore VIC-20 and teaching myself how to program .. changed the course of my life! I was originally planning on going into pre-Med post HS, but this changed my direction to go into Computer Science! Loving the HE so far, and working through the last bugaboos since migrating from Wink.


How about a rule machine to tackle this.
If wife presences and package is from Amazon then ring alarm off.



I have the owner's manual in the attic know, just in case.

Don't forget to increase the radius of your wife's presence sensor so she doesn't catch you installing things :wink: Not that I would ever do that... again :rofl:

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I'm curious how many women are on here doing the same thing to their husbands? I know of some pretty tech savvy women :slight_smile:


160 devices later and i'm still as hooked on HE as i was 18 months ago - good luck!


Me too, but none reside here. My wife is basically the opposite of me, but it's been working for us for 25 years.
Edit: by here I mean my house. Even my oldest daughters aren’t tech savvy.

What device driver are you using for that light?

You need to check out @april.brandt 's posts, just to name one here.

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Awesome … will do! :slight_smile: