Conditional statement not working as I expect in RM

I'm not sure why the first condition is false here.

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That definitely looks odd. Could it just be a display issue? As in does the rule work as expected? If not I'd delete and recreate the IF statement just to see if it got corrupted somehow.

The rule is not working as expected. I'm also noticing other conditional statements with the same issue. I'll attempt to reboot and see how that goes.

Might want to edit that condition. I have seen where RM will add a blank condition when editing. There is an extra (F) value showing, so maybe there is something else in there that is not being shown?

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thanks you! I think there was an extra conditional in there. I was able to delete a few and now it looks mo betta.

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BTW, this use to work fine. It seems like something happened (new release?) caused a change it seems.

I have seen that happen when editing, but don't know why it would pop up all of a sudden if you have made no changes. Weird.

well, I'll keep an eye on it. Perhaps I made a change (although don't think so). I'm just glad there is a way to debug as you showed.

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