Condition not working

Hello everybody. I feel I am missing the obvious but here it is. I have a virtual switch called ALARM. In the first screen shot attached I use it under basic rule. Only send a text to my phone if ALARM is on. Then under Rule Machine I use it again to play a chime if ALARM is on. The problem is ALARM on or off it plays the chime every time the motion sensor is activated. Any suggestions? Thank you.

oooops the screen shots are reverse. The first screen shot is the one that does not work.

The "manage conditions" dialog does not actually add the conditions to the rule. It just adds them to the list so you can select them later. What you need to do is go to the "required expressions" section of the rule and add the condition there. And yes, it is a little confusing :slight_smile:

wow! Thanks Brad. I'll try that right now.

Oops I didnt get this example posted quick enough but I do basically the same thing for most of my notifications, except my switch is opposite... ON to silence, OFF to make noise.

ah! Thank you! That helps! Trying now

You're the man! Works perfectly! Thank you and have a great day.