Condition not working in rule machine rule

I have a simple rule to turn on lights when the TV is turned off, when the mode is evening. However, it is firing when the mode is day. Maybe I'm missing something here?

You are. :slight_smile: But no worries: it's a common mistake and easy to fix.

The "Manage or Create" conditions box does nothing on its own. RM adds some there based on your triggers to be helpful in case you need to use them later. But they don't do anything unless you use them in a conditional action. In your case, you may want to wrap your entire actions section in a conditional, like:

  My actions...

Where X and Y are, of course, your actual conditions (which you can now choose when making this action without having to create ones on the fly).


Thanks so much! I'm obviously pretty new to this...

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Yes I was also so confused about that box when I started using RM! I think it would help a lot if they had named it something like "Available Conditions" or "Conditions Palette" instead of "Manage or Create Conditions"

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