Condition not working in RM

I set mode Away based on both my wife and my cell being gone (using virtual devices for debugging). I want to trigger some lights and a lock when either of us arrives, but only if mode is set to Away (i.e. if one of us is already home, the rule won’t run when the other arrives). I set this up in simple automation and it worked perfectly. I tried to set it up in RM so I could add the lock, and it ignores the condition that mode is set to Away, and runs regardless. What am I doing wrong?

You've created the condition, now it needs to be applied to your actions. Insert a simple conditional at the top of your actions.

IF Mode is away
UNLOCK:Front door lock


Thank you!

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Hmm, slightly new problem, now it won’t run at all. Running the actions manually from the RM screen works, so I know the if-then is right, now. I’m assuming it’s because the ‘if away’ turns false when the sensor arrives, before the rule has a chance to run, so the condition is no longer satisfied by the time it does run? Weirdly, using ‘if away’ as my condition worked in simple rules.

Please turn on logging for this rule and post a screen shot of the logs.

Make sure you reset the virtual presence sensors to be departed (not present) before setting either of them to be present (arrived).