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I built out a rule to rearm my security system at my house. I think I am in the home stretch of making a reliable rule: Here is the rule:

Here is what happened. The rule began the process, it checked the condition for the time frame. The condition was met, then the rule moved to the delay and then the wait.

During this the condition "time frame" changed to false. It armed my house. Now I think I understand it did this because the condition was met originally and it doesn't do a check to that condition after the wait.
Question: What could I do to the rule to ensure the action only happens during the specified time frame.


An easy solution is to re-check the condition by using another IF inside your first one before your "HSM Arm Home" action (assuming that is where you want it). Alternatively, there might be other ways to write the whole rule if you share an explanation of what you're actually trying to do; it's hard to say more without knowing that or at least seeing your entire rule, including triggers, which are notably missing from the above screenshot.

Otherwise, your understanding of the rule behavior is correct--nothing is going to "cancel" anything inside that IF THEN if the expression becomes false once it's inside; that evaluation happens once, at the time when that action is reached.

Basicallyhere is the sanario: I am new to Hubitat. I moved my DSC system from Homeseer to Hubitat. I have struggled to set it up in Hubitat the way I want. I have bumped into several issues regarding failure to arm for various reasons.
This rule is to accomplish the following:
The system is armed at night. Someone comes home and disarms the system. I am basically setting a 5 minute countdown to give the person enough time to go in and out of the door (if need be). Then the system rearms. The only way I could find this to be reliable is using virtual devices and do mostly everything in rule machine.

So I have a autoarm rule
rearm rule
Then I have virtual devices for Arming Status and Partition status.
I use the virtual devices for either a trigger or condition depending.

I have found HSM to be unreliable for arming status and such. So i only use HSM to arm the system in rule machine and certain feature to deal with alerts within HSM.


Any arming other than night is not involved in Hubitat

How does this look

Add a Required Expression for Time between 10:00 PM and 5:50 AM and select the option to cancel pending actions when RE becomes false. In you rule just remove the IF-THEN statements and it should not run actions after 5:50.

Here is where my newness shows. This is what I changed it to:


I can't find the cancel pending actions option. Am I way off on the modfication I made?

Is this correct

There's a slider right above Select Trigger Events. Slide to right and add the Required Expression there

Does this look better


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Thanks for your help!

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