Concatenate GV's?

Hi, is it possible to concatenate global variables into a global variable.

My 'bedtime' routine checks various sensors & status' and I have them send a voice message to my Google home. So if my front door and back door are open I want to have a single message saying
"Front door, back door open" and not have 2 messages saying

  1. "front Door open"
    2."back door open" etc

I have tried setting a GV with ChkStr={ChkStr}&front but thats exactly what I get in the message letter for letter. So I must be something wrong?


Something like this?

I thought GV's had to be in curly parentheses?

Thank you so much
PS: How do you check for an empty str?

MyGV > ""
or MyGV <> ""
or MyGV <> ''

Thanks again

I didn't :slight_smile: That is why I have the variable OpenContactCount, I count how many contacts are open.

OK - I just noticed that from your previous message. I will try the same, but I am sure there must be a way to check for an empty string.

Thank you again - what a great community this is

not one I can figure out... @bravenel? Is there a way to check if a string is empty?

Ah, interesting. I don't think there is. I will look into what can be done about that!

This will be added in the next release. Should have been there, but was missed.


What I have done, is to check if the GV is "". Then gone back in and erased the ""

There is now, in the latest release: