"Complex" RM did not fire last night

I have a rule for an upstairs hallway outlet - it's based on some times, a virtual switch etc. It is supposed to go off at 9:30 pm every night. Last night it did not. Here is the rule:

So did not have logging enabled so just enabled and will watch what happens tonight. Here is what I do have under events..

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Not sure if related but my rule for turning off exterior lights on my main hub failed to trigger this morning as well.

The hubs are connected via the hub link and I have 2 virtual switches linked - vOvercast and vLowLight that are involved with these rules.

Maybe I had a network issue or something... will reboot both and and monitor...

One other minor thing about hublink - there is no events in either. Also no way to enable logging to troubleshoot. Don't know if that is a big deal or not as I can monitor my apps that set the linked virtual switches etc.

So I found a rule error on one of my virtual switches that set a corresponding virtual switch using the hub link. I wonder if that was causing some issues. I've since recreated the rule to fix and am monitoring.