Complete novices guide to adding code and handlers

Looking to add drivers and whatever else is needed so that hubitat c7 shows both switches on my fibaro double switch and double dimmer 2 as it is only showing one at present. I was using a vera plus before the c7 so the fibaro worked straight out of the box once added. Can you point me to a tutorial that a complete novice can understand and follow from start to finish.
Thanks in advance

Hi @nad2508 - welcome to the community!

Here are the steps I would recommend you follow.

  1. Discover your device (s):

  2. Install the community driver for your device (if the standard driver doesn’t work):

Here is a link to a driver that might do the trick. Note - I don’t have the a Fibaro double switch, so cannot confirm if it is the right driver for your needs...


Thank you. I managed to install the driver no problem but I still only one switch visible. It will something I have done or not done obviously :laughing:

Sometimes there are “Configure” and “Refresh” buttons. If so, try pressing them to see if it helps.


But did you change the driver (device type) in the device's settings page?

  • Install new driver
  • Switch to desired driver
  • Configure
  • Save preferences.

Yes done that. Pressing on or off is doing both switches at the same time. Will try again today