Compiling (saving) driver code, error rec'd "Version does not match......."

[] C-7

"Version does not match, attempting to update version 82, current version is 83 on line null"

I was making changes in a driver I wrote. When I went to save it I received this error with no reference to any Line.

I abandon my code changes, started the change all over with no issue. Likely I made some mistake in the code when I received this error message. However I would be curious to know what versions the error message is referring to.

Typically occurs when the code has been changed is open in multiple tabs.

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Yep, that would be my guess as well.

Every time you save code, it bumps a version number up. Just to catch what you actually did, which was to attempt to save an older version on top of a more recently saved copy of the same driver. When you open the code, the version number comes with it. Multiple tabs the culprit, or as I sometimes do, multiple computers touching the same source file.


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