Compatible Speakers

are there any confirmed compatible speakers for Hubitat?
In ST I’m using the media renderer device and some wifi speakers.
I use this a lot to increase waf with laundry alerts etc so am desperate to get the same from Hubitat

I’m happy to buy new speakers if that’s what it takes



I’m curious as well, I have a sonos and I know that is on the roadmap, but I also have a samsung Radiant R1, that I use for TTS

I have an r1 as well, not a super great speaker but for the price its not to bad. WOuld also like to use it with hubitat :slight_smile:

Once we get TTS wrapped up, and extend that into the existing sonos driver, we should be able to start looking at other renderers.
I can’t give you any timelines.


I'm interested in some speakers but I'm not sure what to buy. I don't want to spend the money on Sonos as I have Chromecast Audios all over and they work perfect for me. I'm looking for an inexpensive speaker solely for announcements.

@fpstassi I brought a Samsung R1 For around 40.00 and it works and been working since I hook it to Hubitat about 4 months ago. I would recommend this speaker.

What app/driver did you use to connect these.

@stephack I'm using Samsung WiFi Audio Hubitat Driver by @djgutheinz here is the link.

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