Compatible Devices List


We have a lot of people wondering what devices work with the Habitat Elevation Hub. The short answer is our hub is compatible with Zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron, LAN and cloud-connected devices. Our engineers are working hard to keep drivers up to date for all of the most popular devices.

But let’s hear from you. What devices are you running on your Hubitat Elevation Hub? List your devices with Protocol / Brand / Device Type here to help us create a running list of compatible smart devices. For example:

zigbee / Iris / Motion Sensor
zwave / GE / EZ Smart Dimmer


Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you?
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Product Questions
[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers

Great idea! Not a list of what’s compatible, but a list of what is actually working!

local = connected directly to Hubitat and processed local
lan = connected to bridge and lan connected to Hubitat and processed local

Iris / Motion Sensor - local
Iris / Contact Sensor - local
Enerwave / Motion Sensor - local
Aeon / Minimote - local
GoControl / Garage Door Controller - local
Leviton / Plug in Appliance Module - local
Leviton / Plug in dimmer module - local
GE / In wall paddle switch - local
GE / In wall dimmer switch - local
GE / In wall ceiling fan controller - local
GE / Outdoor module - local

Philips / Bridge - lan
Philips / Color Bulbs - lan
Philips / White Bulbs - lan
GE / Link Bulb - local
Spotify / Garden spot lights - local
Philips / Iris - local
Philips / Bloom - local
Philips / RGBW strips - local
Iris / Plug in module with Zwave repeater - local

As of today, I am at 134 (but that is subject to change by the day)… Now I’m at 136

Pairing Aeon Minimote

Centralite Moisture Sensor
PEQ Moisture Sensor
Centralite Outlet Plugin
Securifi Outlet Plugin (Peanut Plug)
Centralite Contact Sensor
Iris Motion Sensor
Iris Contact Sensor
Iris Outlet Plugin (with Z-Wave repeater working)
Centralite Multi Sensor
GE Link Bulb
Cree Smart Bulb
Sylvania RBG Bulb (lightify/osram)

Aeon Minimote
Aeon Multisensor / motion
Kwikset lock
Schlage lock
Leviton Outlet Plugin
Inovelli Single Outlet Plugin
Linear Alarm
GE Smart Switch outlet plugin
GE Smart Switch Outdoor

In all, I’m at 81

Pairing Aeon Minimote

Adding to above:
Zigbee Cree bulbs
First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector
NYCE Ceiling Motion Sensor


count /proto /built in driver name /actual device
3 /Zigbee /NYCE Motion Sensor Series /NYCE ceiling motion dector
4 /Zigbee /Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor /ST, PEQ and Lowes contact sensors
5 /Zigbee /Generic ZigBee RGBW Light /Hue Lux, Osram BR
7 /Zigbee /Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor /ST and PEQ moisture
3 /Zigbee /Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller /Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan
2 /Zigbee /Keen Home Smart Vent /Keen Home Smart Vent
1 /Zigbee /NYCE Contact Sensor /NYCE contact sensor
1 /Zigbee /Zen Thermostat /Zen Thermostat
22 /Zigbee /Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor /ST V2 V3, PEQ and Iris
3 /Zigbee /Generic ZigBee RGB Light /Hue strip, bloom and Living Colors
14 /Zigbee /Generic Zigbee Outlet /ST, PEQ and Iris Appliance modules, Enerwave Duplex outlet
1 /Zigbee /Hue Motion Sensor /Hue Motion Sensor
4 /Z-Wave /Fibaro Motion Sensor /Fibaro Original multi
1 /Z-Wave /Aeon Labs Doorbell /Aeon Labs Doorbell
1 /Z-Wave /Aeon Multisensor 6 /Aeon Multisensor 6
1 /Z-Wave /Aeon Minimote /Aeon Minimote
2 /Z-Wave /Generic Z-Wave Lock /Kwikset 910
17 /Z-Wave /Aeon Micro Dimmer /Aeon Series 2 non energy
2 /Z-Wave /Generic Z-Wave Dimmer /ZWP Dimmer
5 /Z-Wave /Generic Z-Wave Switch /ZWP Switch
3 /Z-Wave /Aeon Micro Switch /Aeon Series 2 non energy
2 /)Lutron /Lutron Pro Bridge /Lutron Pro Bridge
3 /LAN /Nanoleaf Aurora /Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels
13 /Lutron /Lutron Shade /Serena Shade
45 /Lutron /Lutron Pico /2, 4 and 5 button Picos

1 /Z-Wave /Fibaro RGBW Controller
1 /Z-Wave /Qubino RGBW Controller
1 /LAN /NEEO remote
3 /LAN /Chromecast

built in apps:
count app name
34 Button Coltrollers
40 Rule Machine Rules
1 Amazon Echo App
1 Hubitat™ Safety Monitor
1 Life360 Connector
1 Lutron Integrator (two bridges)


Aeon Minimote
Aeon Multisensor 6
Aeon Home Energy Meter
Fibaro Multi
Kwikset lock
Leviton Outlet Plugin
Leviton Smart Switch Toggle
GE Smart Switch Toggle
GE Smart Switch Dimmer
GE Smart Switch Outdoor
Ecolink PIR Motion
Zooz Motion
Ecolink Contact
Aeon Labs Contact

Iris Outlet Plugin
Iris Contact Sensor
SmartThings Multi Sensor
SmartThings Motion
NYCE Motion
Sylvania RBG Bulb (lightify/osram)
Sylvania Garden Spot (lightify/osram)
Keen Vents


Impressive. The only things I didn’t find that I’m currently running include the Aeon smart power strip, Aeon smart energy switch, LeakSmarts and the ancient GE Z-Wave keypad and Intermatic Z-Wave controllers. Certainly enough to push me over the edge. I’m in!


Since I don’t see the standard Lutron Caseta Hub, anyone have a good site for a Pro bridge besides Amazon?


pro bridge

I’ve ordered a bit-o-stuff from these guys…
BTW, our Lutron integration is local as well, in case we haven’t mentioned that already…


Once I get my hubitat I’m thinking I’ll take a stab at reverse engineering the Home Assistant integration. The HA integration is local as well. Anyone out there want to take a stab at it?


I’m running 4 different houses on Hubitat, only one of them being mine.

In my house there are 216 devices, including a large Lutron RadioRA 2 system fully integrated, with Lutron motion sensors and Pico remotes. There about 80 Z-Wave devices (Leviton switches & Dimmers, GE Jasco switches and plugin modules, Aeon micro dimmers, micro motor controllers, and Minimotes, Kwikset lock; For Zigbee there are several SmartSense MultiSensors, SmartSense Motion Sensors, SmartPower Outlets, Hue motion, Iris motion, Cree bulbs, etc. – about 25 devices.

This system has probably 150 apps installed, including Rule Machine, Motion Lighting, Mode Manager, Simple Lighting, Hubitat Safety Monitor, Button Controller, Alexa App (local integration), Life360 Connector, an old copy of SmartTiles, many Lutron integration apps, etc. Best thing about it is that it is all snappy fast, and never goes down unexpectedly.

House Number 2 is a pilot customer’s house with about 40 devices: Lutron Caseta dimmers, switches and Pico remotes, NYCE motion sensors (Zigbee), and a few odds and ends. The homeowner is totally non-technical, and her house has been running untouched for 5 or 6 months now.

House Number 3 is a condo in San Diego with about 60 devices: Lutron Caseta dimmers, switches and Pico remotes, Alexa, GE Jasco switches, NYCE motion sensors, SmartSense Multi. The owners are totally non-technical; that home has been running untouched for 4 months.

House Number 4 is another pilot customer’s house with about 90 devices: Lutron Caseta dimmers and switches, GE Jasco dimmers and switches, NYCE motion sensors, Iris motion sensors, Alexa, Linear garage door control. This homeowner is also non-technical, and the system has been running for about 3 months.

Notice that I have a bias / preference towards Lutron systems. It is by far the most reliable product-line in this space. Each of these 4 homes have numerous Pico remotes, some wall mounted as if they are switches, some acting as aux switch in 3-way applications, some on pedestals for bedside use. But I’m happy to use Z-Wave as well, and Zigbee is commonly used with Caseta systems, since Lutron’s motion sensors work only with RA2.

Three of the four homes have Alexa integrations used in larger living areas where motion lighting doesn’t work. “Alexa, set Living Room to 30” is heard in these spaces, or “Alexa, turn off Kitchen”.

Read between the lines: Hubitat has been in continuous use in aggressive installations for many months. We’ve worked hard to make it the best home automation product in the market. It will work well for you also.


I apologize but it has been a while since I used Rule Machine. Can Rule Machine be used for web requests such as sending and receiving webhooks to/from Ifttt?
I was also curious if Lifx and Sonos are supported.


No, Rule Machine is purely local, for now. No support yet for Lifx or Sonos — on the list.


Upon further reading, I see that WebCore can run on Hubitat. That would take care of web requests and provide a link to Ifttt services.


Someone got it working. It’s not supported by the company. That’s a lot of code!


The only devices i use are i can’t see listed are Zooz ZEN20 Z-Wave and Ecobee.

@mike.maxwell you list Chromecast!! I have multiple of those how are you using those?


Hey guys! Best of luck and I am following closely. A few questions:

  1. I own a zwave Somfy RTSII controller for my blinds . It uses a custom DTH from ST and works great. Has anyone gotten this to work yet?

  2. How about Logitech Harmony? I run a few automations off of my hubs plus I use the physical remotes to turn on and off lights in the rooms I am in. The latter is through an official integration from Harmony which I would imagine won’t be possible for you guys.

  3. As far as Locks, can we program codes and automations? I use Rboy’s Lock Manager now to control my cleaning people entry and exit.

  4. How about Nest integration? I do all of my climate control through NST Manager.

  5. I have zigbee Nyce door hinges on my door. Anyone gotten those working yet?

  6. I use Sonos to announce things in my house. Any plans for that?


What Zooz devices are you using? I have the motion sensor and works great with a generic driver (the motion part). Most Z-Wave devices will work with our generic drivers, but if you are running into any issues, we are here to help.

You can also help us, by pairing your devices and if they don’t pair up correctly, you could send us the fingerprint information with #fingerprint in the subject line, at so we can add to our list.

Our device support list is constantly changing and we need users like you, to help us expand this list.


Chromecast has been in beta for some time, though so far I’ve been the only one using it, currently it supports play, pause, stop and volume levels. It has its own manager app that discovers chromecast devices and chromecast audio groups.
I wouldn’t say it’s ready for prime time as it’s not possible to send it a stream url from Hubitat yet. But if the limited functionality mentioned is of interest we can get you the driver and app code to use.

Personally I stream either Tidal or to it from those mobile apps, then am able to pause that stream from Hubitat, later I can then resume that cast from Hubitat by issuing a play command to the Hubitat Chromecast device.


We don’t have a dedicated driver for somify, but with some minor changes it should likely work in Hubitat.

We do not have a Harmony integration at this point.

The Generic Z-wave lock driver supports lock codes, and has available methods to get and set them from an app.

Nest and Sonos are currently on the short list of next up drivers, i cannot offer a time estimate at this time.

We have several dedicated drivers for the NYCE devices, including the contact sensor, which i would think the hindge sensor would work with.

Please see Bobbys comments above on fingerprinting.