Compatible Devices List


I think I see what it is, will confirm in the morning.


I can confirm as well that the Monoprice ZWave Plus Recessed Sensor works with HE. I’m using the Generic ZWave Contact Sensor driver with it — I tried the Aeotec Recessed Sensor driver, but it didn’t work. Works fine with the Generic one though.


confirmed as to the reporting issue, we're frozen on release 1.1.2, so this fix will be in 1.1.3


With all the above talk about the Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO , I decided to get one and give it a try. Since it paired as "Device" I figured I'd report the fingerprint here.

@mike.maxwell :

Manufacturer:0109Product Name:DeviceModel Number:Unknown Part NumberdeviceTypeId:15









and it works with generic zwave contact sensor?


That's what the others were saying, but my jury is still out. Right now (for me) it's still showing "Current States - contact : open". Also, it's not showing "battery" as a State, so I'm going to give it some time and see what happens.


UPDATE: It seems to be working properly now. I now have states for contact, tamper, and battery.



Docs list Auto Wakeup time at every 6 hours but also suggests removing the cap (and triggering tamper mode) will wakeup the device. After my open/close was working (but not showing tamper or battery) I opened the device (causing "Tamper" to become alarmed) and it sent the battery status along with it.

Just a tip for those who don't want to wait 6 hours to see the battery status.

Also, once paired I had to fully assemble the device to see it work, it didn't see to want to show open/closed until after the tamper had been cleared the first time.


@mike.maxwell This is the only post I could find [by stumbling upon it after not being able to search for it] that mentions the NEEO remote. Is there a topic, code, documentation, or anything that you can link me too?

Haven't yet received my hub, but the first thing I'd like to do is setup the NEEO with it



I own two of these, but have done very very little towards integrating them into HE, so whilst I personally have the beginnings of an integration, it's a long way from prime time if you follow.


Gotcha. I should probably start my HE journey on simple devices anyhow, given I’ve only just received the ST hub and ordered the HE a week later. I imagine the learning curve’s a steady one from the Fibaro HC2 I used to have

Deffo be keen to hear how you get on with the NEEO when you get back to it


Anyone have problems with the Peanut plugs? I ordered one as they were super cheap compared to other ones I had previously bought (mostly ST branded ones) and no matter what I do I can't get HE to see this plug. I have moved the last 4 devices off my ST while I have had this thing plugged in/ reset etc trying to connect and still no love. HE never sees it.


I have 2 working on my system. So it is possible. Never had any issues getting them to pair, but try rebooting, waiting about 5 minutes after it is back up and then try to pair it.


That was my first tactic. I've completely shut down my ST hub (yay) as of a few h ours ago so later tonight I'll give it another go. Other items are pairing fine so it may just be the channel it expects taking a long time since I'm on 22 on my HE.


@patrick Thanks for confirming yours are working, I did the device pair jig a few times and started wondering "Why do devices pair so easily with ST and not with HE?!" and that lead to some frequency snooping. My HE is directly under a full power Ubiquiti AP on the ceiling, so could I be seeing frequency overlap problems? Why just the Peanut Plug and not all the other devices I had paired so happily?

Anyway, After doing some looking at frequency use it was clear I was running Zigbee and WiFi on almost the exact same freq. Bummer.

I took the route of changing my Zigbee channel to 15 from 22, which based on some reading here (ZigBee and WiFi Coexistence – MetaGeek Support) and a quick wifi scan of my space says is basically unused. (the joys of living in the middle of nowhere).

As soon as I changed the channel and went back to discover devices, there was the peanut plug, waiting for me. Now it's just a waiting game for everything else to come back online.

Hopefully this helps someone else struggling with ZIgbee pairing.


Though I did note this anomaly with the manufacturer text:


I think with some devices, they’re just not able to see the hub when on the upper and lower boundaries of zigbee channels.

I still haven’t gotten a simple GE dimmer module to pair with my hub. I suspect I was on a channel that was “too high” at first and then changed to one that was “too low.”

But each time one changes the hub’s zigbee channel, it’s a little annoying to get all zigbee devices to wake up and re-establish communication with the controller.

I bought a peanut plug recently when they were on sale below even their usual low price. I haven’t tried to pair it yet, but if it’s not going well I guess I’ll suck it up and try changing channels to one that’s more in the middle of the frequency.

I live in an apartment with a million other WiFi networks all around me, which makes choosing WiFi and zigbee channels for my own network almost an exercise in futility :angry:.


I did read on forum (can't find it with a quick search) where someone had these peanut plugs working on very high channels after someone else asserted the same (they just won't work in high channels). I suspect after some reading that choosing channel 15 and leaving my WiFi up higher was a good choice for device compatibility in the future.

Bummer you have so much frequency overlap, hopefully you can find an area where it works.

Only issue now is that apparently this peanut plug is running old firmware, as it does not report power usage. I now have to decide if I'm going to plug in my ST hub to connect it and try to update the firmware or just wait out OTA updates on HE.


I'd confirm st pushes ota to 3rd party devices including the securifi plugs. To my knowledge, the only thing that will update these is the securifi hub. And even then power reporting is flaky at best.

As for ZigBee channels, of course, st had the advantage when it started up the first time and picks its ideal channel. Hubitat does the same thing but if you have spread spectrum 2.4 g WiFi you can blanket the remaining ZigBee channels pretty quickly. Thankfully, we allow you to change the ZigBee channel. I have my production at 25 since that doesnt overlap with WiFi.


I have my WiFi on 1, and Zigbee on 26. I haven't run into any Zigbee issues yet, aside from a stubborn Osram BR30 in my driveway. It gets stuck on "Initializing" while trying to pair from its location, despite having a repeater 10 feet away. No problems pairing it while closer to the hub, so I don't think it's a channel issue. (edit: or maybe it is... I'll change to 25 and see)