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Sorry @chris.palmer.cell what driver are you using for yours?


I'm using the Aeon Micro Dimmer driver with a Nano Dimmer and a dimmable LED. It's wired to a switch with no neutral. Dimming, the physical switch, and automations through Hubitat all work as expected.


Thanks again @chris.palmer.cell. That is great news.


If one of can fetch me the fingerprint, I'll add it to the aeon micro driver.


how would that be done @mike.maxwell? I am new to this but happy to help in anyway I can.


Copy the data section of the device and paste it here

  • deviceType: 515
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x85,0x59,0x25,0x26,0x27,0x32,0x70,0x81,0x71,0x2C,0x2B,0x7A
  • outClusters: 0x82
  • deviceId: 111
  • manufacturer: 134


Thanks @chris.palmer.cell. The switch works perfectly. I will be looking forward to @Hubitat creating a DH for the nano dimmer to allow use of the second switch input.

The dimmer control works but I still do have an issue. I only get what looks to be 5% dimming across the full 100% dimming range. I assume it is the automatic load sensing in the Aeotec product but not sure. I have tried differently globes, with and without Aeotec bypass load and reseting in between each change. No luck.

I have seen a a post elsewhere of manual changing of parameters to set this range and also turn off the auto load sensing but not sure how this can be done if at all with the hubitat???


Ordered a hub last night, can't wait to get started.

Scanning through the forums, i see that most of my devices would move over without issues (GE Zwave and Zigbee switches/dimmers, Keen Vents, Hampton Bay Fan module, Ecobee Thermostats, Hue Hub, Leaksmart Valve, Amazon echo...) and most of my automation routines like KEENECT and sensor / time based triggers..

However i'm still at a lost on how to integrate the following

  1. Quirky Trippers
  2. SkyBell HD
  3. Ecobee Switch +
  4. Nest Protects..
  5. Harmony Hubs (#1 priority for the family as we use the harmony remote to control lights ..)
  6. Aeotec 4 button remotes
  7. Lutron Connected bulb remotes.
  8. Z-Wave locks with PIN code (KWICKSET and Schlage)
  9. EnergyCurb integration
  10. SolarEdge integration
  11. Google Home integration

I also have over 20 Xiaomi sensors (Leak and Door/Window). Do you recommend i add them or wait for some time (did read about the routing issue with GE Zigbee switches..).

My ST hub was also a secondary to our 2Gig Panel so i could expose our switches on either platform. Has anyone tried adding Hubitat as a secondary to a 2Gig controller ?

I do have some keen hubs that i had added to ST to act as zigbee repeaters, would they also work with Hubitat ?

Thanks for your help, can't wait to start moving our 200+ devices over and start clean once again...


There are a couple ways to get harmony working with hubitat mentioned in this thread, although this post describes the simplest way (as long as your harmony hub is integrated with your ST hub already).


If they have been working fine on your ST hub's mesh network with some/all of them connected via GE Zigbee switches, then in theory they should also work fine with the Hubitat as the coordinator (hub). Do you know whether any of your Xiaomi sensors are actually currently connected via a GE Zigbee switch?


As far as I'm aware, the Xiaomi sensors are buggy and cannot be routed through other devices, they only work when directly connected to the main controller.


I suppose you might call them buggy since they were designed specifically for Xiaomi's IoT "ecosystem", and have been found to be non-compliant with the full Zigbee HA 1.2 spec, meaning there's some "undesired" behavior when they're used with something other than a Xiaomi hub. :wink:

Anyhow, I disagree that Xiaomi sensors only work when directly connected to hub and cannot be routed through other devices. With the correct settings, an XBee series 2 or series 3 Zigbee module does a fine job of routing Xiaomi devices in both my and others' experience. There are a few other Zigbee routing devices that have worked for others, and I'm maintaining a running list of those (and routers that don't work) at the top of this thread.


Hi Tony,

Can you point me to the ported driver that provides temperature and motion for GoControl WAPIRZ-1?



It's here.

As Tony mentioned in his post, you'll need to change all occurrences of "physicalgraph" to "hubitat"


Have you tried the built-in generic z-wave motion sensor driver?


Tony mentioned in his post, “It does indeed work for motion but does not support this device’s temperature or tamper indication, or allow configuring options such as batter reporting interval, re-trigger time, and others. However @krlaframboise 's SmartThings Go Control driver easily ported over (with a few physicalgraph & hubitat edits); seems to work perfectly and supports all the features”, but a good point that if those features are not needed, the built-in driver will cover it.


That was my experience when I tried it back in March; I don't know if the built-in driver has changed since then.


Has anyone tried the Zipato RFID Z-Wave Keypad (Köp RFID Z-Wave Keypad - Zipato ( för 649 Kr hos, or the same product under a different brand? How is the support for keypads and/or RFID readers in Hubitat/HSM?


Interesting item, I just ordered one...
Anyway keypad support and hsm integration will be available in LCM (lock code manager) once that is completed, I do not have an eta on LCM at this time.
Initial keypad support will include a driver for the centralite oem kaypads (Iris and Comcast zigbee), we can try to include a driver for the Zipato, but I cant promise it will make the initial release.