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which zigbee channel are you on? and what zigbee channel is SmartThings using?
I disabled most of my 2.4 gig wifi (mainly using 5 Ghz) and turned off the Smartthings hub then I went through all of the zigbee channels numerous times with a couple of hard to pair devices until I figured out which one worked best for me.
I ended up on channel 20 which also happened to be which one SmartThings was using so I had SmartThings support change the channel on the SmartThings (you can not do it manually yourself)


Currently on cha n 26. Smartthings is at 24.


I could not get hardly anything to work on Channel 26
I had better luck with 12-15 but 20 ended up being the best there were channels where things just would not pair


did you try to reboot the hub between channel changes?


Well I just want to say thank you to NoWon. I decided to take your advice and try every channel. Started on 20 based on your results. the multipurpose sensor just paired without issue.

And now the motion sensor lol - guess they just prefer certain channels.


not a problem!
how about the arrival sensor?


Yes it just paired on first attempt as well.





Hi Mike,
In regards to this sensor Arrival sesnsor - STS-PRS-250.

It has an option to chime that I do not see implemented in the driver. (push the button , the fob beeps so you can find your keys. My wife actually used it often).

Is there any chance it can be added to the current driver?



We've seen before that some ST devices won't pair on higher channels. I've had good luck with 14.


Bruce, I'm considering changing my zigbee channel for similar reasons. I know this has probably been discussed before, but can you tell me any drawbacks. Would I have to re-pair any of my zigbee devices?


The main drawback is that your zigbee network will be out of service for 30 minutes to an hour, possibly longer. You do not need to re-pair your devices. They will find the controller on its new frequency. After you change the channel, reboot the hub. Then give it time. If you can do this before you leave the house for a while, or some other time when you can just leave things be, odds are pretty good that everything will come back online.


@bravenel Can you elaborate what kind of camera support you are looking to add? Is it a particular type/brand of camera?

I ask because I'm currently looking into which cameras suit me. One I'm considering is Arlo Pro 2. Would these show up as motion sensors?


@mike.maxwell does the driver for this device expose custom commands to RM?

I used to use RM in ST to change the volume to 0 in the evening and 10 in the morning. That way it wouldn’t wake up my kids but I could still get push/SMS alerts when the button is pressed.


It currently does not expose a setLevel or audioLevel, we can add that though.


That would be awesome, thanks.

The command I used is setVolume(_). It ranged from 0 to 10.


Has anyone had luck with getting an Aeotec Nano Dimmer working on Hubitat? Generic driver and Aeotec Micro Dimmer drivers work with automation for on/off only. dimming levels wont work nor will the manual switch input.


I recently wired in a Nano dimmer
and had the same problem. This worked for me :

forcing the Nano Dimmer to enter external switch detection mode:

  1. Tap the Nano Dimmer button 4x times within 1-2 seconds which will force Nano Dimmer to enter External Switch detection mode.
  2. Flip your external switch once, then wait at a minimum 10 seconds before you flip the switch again.
  3. Now test your external switch.


Thanks @chris.palmer.cell , I will give it a shot in the morning. Thanks again.