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Just curious, what what the response time was? I’ve been pleased with the notification time and arm/disarm time of my alarm system. Both are consistently 7-8 seconds, which is laughably slow for other things, but to accomplish that speed with IFTTT every time is a huge improvement over other hubs I’ve tried to integrate with IFTTT in the past.


It took over 8 seconds for the Ring Motion to register and turn on a virtual device… for the usecase I have that is way too long … when I have it connected to ST w/out the IFTTT bits it is < 2 seconds … and usually 1sec or better … except of course when ST is acting like a 2 year old and not working at all :slight_smile:
I would say 2-4 sec would be acceptable so that when motion is triggered, the light gets on before the person reaches my stairs …


Oh… I’d still have a use for it - testing things, another building on the property, etc … but I’d like to move away if / when feasible … then use the ST Hub to manage an outbuilding



So I take it that there are no (current) plans/timelines to get integration directly with Ring ?


Wow, that is a shame. Appreciate your efforts.
Time to review the Ecobee situation I guess. [sigh] :slight_smile:


Hi Robert - so how’s the unit working here in Australia?

Did you need any extra bits other than the Aeon Stick?



Hi guys - I’m not sure how to PM but looking for guidance buying an unit to use in Australia?

I understand [@bravenel] might be able to help?



Hi mate,

I’m still playing with it. It works fine, but I’ve been really busy, and because most of my lights are TPLink and there isn’t a workable solution yet for those, I’m sitting back a bit.

I’ve got it working fine with hue bulbs and some zigbee sensors no problem. Local responsiveness is great.

With the release of the dashboard, made it way more useful.

I’ve not bothered with the zwave stick. Trying to find zwave gear on Australian frequencies is an exercise in frustration.


When I ordered, I pm-ed @bravenel and he made sure the order had the Australian plug. Needed nothing else.


I have cobbled together a device driver for my Centralite Pearl zigbee thermostat from various SmartThings drivers. It supports the hold status (will receive hold event when set at the thermostat and can also set hold via the driver). All the set point change code in the driver will check hold status and not perform a set point change if hold is set. I will post it when I get home tonight, just finished testing it last night for my needs. No guarantees if it will work with other thermostats, but might be a good spring board. Also no guarantees that all the bugs have been found! I didn’t expect for Mike to have a device driver for the thermostat done so quickly so investigated doing it myself :slight_smile:


Hi. For use in Australia there are a couple of issues: We can supply the US version with AUS power supply (you would order the US Version). This would not include a Z-Wave radio as we do not yet have a supply of such. It would work with the Aeon Z-Stick which you should be able to purchase in Australia. In the near future, but without a date certain, we will have a supply of AUS frequency Z-Wave sticks, and will make an AUS version available on our website.

Of our two first AUS customers, one purchased his own Z-Stick, and the other only had Zigbee devices. Both purchased US versions of Hubitat Elevation. The unit ships to Australia by US Postal Service First Class International service, which costs $25US.


Well that is impressive @denise.grider, wonder why the behavior you’re seeing seems different to what @mike.maxwell encountered … Pearl firmware revisions or something perhaps? Odd.

I feel bad that I don’t physically have one and so won’t be able to provide any testing data right now. Possibly this is a dumb question, but it would need to be actually hooked up to an HVAC system in order to test right? The manual says it can run from 4x AA batteries, I just wonder if that might be sufficient to play with Zigbee controls, to validate commands work etc.


Since a HVAC controller just uses dry contacts, you could setup just about anything to view state changes. A multimeter across the common to heating contacts would let you know when heating is triggered. Usually the UI would tell you though. Short answer no, it doesn’t need to be connected to a HVAC to play with.


Why is that?, there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat, you just set up automations to tell it what to do.
The hold button being of no value, I don’t find to be an issue, if the thermostat is controlled by an app, nothings going to change automation wise, unless the app sends a command to it, this is what you want anyway right?

Ecobee has it’s own issues, namely it wants to be master all the time, and disabling the currently running and applied schedule can be a frustration point, as your HA system and the thermostat fight for control…

So in the end your choice of thermostat comes down to who you want to be in charge of running it.
If you’re of the mind that you want complete and absolute control from Hubitat, save some bucks and get a smart dumb thermostat.
If you want/need all the bells and whistles, and do not want to manage the thermostat directly from Hubitat, then you need a smart thermostat that can provide these capabilities without reliance on Hubitat.


Glad to see a point of view similar to mine! :grinning: Hubby likes to control the set points, do hold at the thermostat and get the filter change reminder. I like being able to control the thermostat through automation. So the Centralite Pearl is perfect for us. Thermostats like the Ecobee are in control so I haven’t been able to think of why they would need to be involved with automation except maybe to see status on the dashboard or control remotely in one place?

I wasn’t able to get the thermostat to report when the hold button was pressed until I found the right send me a report. It’s been working perfectly since.


My scenario is probably kind of oddball. I’m looking to make the wife happy with simple Hold function at the thermostat, while keeping myself happy by having the thermostat live in Auto heat/cool mode. Can’t do this with Nest and the particular end-users who live in my house :slight_smile:

Personally, I am more focused on incorporating it into (or syncing it with) Hubitat Mode changes (eg, via IFTTT geofencing), and I’d like to be able to use the hold and setpoint controls via a dashboard. I can do these with Nest right now, but at the cost of the wife’s patience with me. Such is life.

The idea of local processing of schedule with Hubitat has appeal, no question, but is definitely less critical to me.

I mentioned Ecobee because out of all the systems whose UX design I’ve evaluated, it strikes me as probably the closest to being intuitive for my wife. I can leave it in Auto mode and she can just move the heat & cool setpoints up or down as she pleases, right there on the home screen.

Man I hope this all makes sense.


Just FYI, the Pearl does not have an auto heat/cool mode, the mode button does heat/cool/off. Hubby manually sets to heat or cool when he decides the time is right :slight_smile: I think you could write something in Rule Machine to set the mode depending on a temperature?


That’s what I was loosely thinking … but didn’t venture very far down the path while obsessing over the hold button :slight_smile:

If the Mode can’t be programmed/reported either (unknown to me at this time), the I guess it would make the Pearl inappropriate for me.


There are so many similar thermostat commands that I can’t remember off the top of my head, but think that mode does get sent when set at the thermostat. That was not something I cared about getting notified about immediately :slight_smile:. I can test tonight before I post the driver. There are a lot of statuses that get sent at a timed interval and not being an expert on this stuff, I don’t know if the thermostat automatically does that or if one of the send me a reports I put in makes that happen, but mode is one of them. It’s dangerous having a rookie like me work on stuff like this, hopefully @mike.maxwell can review the driver at some point and fix any blatant problems :wink:


well give a guy a bone here, please post your send me your reporting parameters…