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Lutron doesn’t support their Telnet interface for RA2 Select. So it does not work with Hubitat.


Is anyone using a Monoprice zwave lock with Hubitat?


Thanks! I am actually deciding between Caseta and RA2 Select, you are marked as staff do you think RA2 select will be getting support in the near future?



I honestly don’t know about Ra2 Select, but my impression is that Lutron is only allowing cloud based integrations. I will find out more next week. Everyone except us has gone cloud crazy.

BTW, it’s simple (but not cheap) to overcome the 50 device limit of Caséta with Hubitat.


What do you mean by “not cheap”? Don’t you just add additional SmartBridge Pros?


Oddly Radio RA2 does support telnet. RA2 select seems to be designed for Lutron app control for setup and operation.


Not so odd – it was their second supported integration protocol. The first one was serial 9600 baud for classic RadioRA. So telnet was a big step up, and works on most of their recent products, except for Ra2 Select and the regular (non pro) Caséta SmartBridge.


I am finding it odd, or at least confusing. This ST user says it works with his RA2 Select and the Lutron Pro integration that Nate Schwartz wrote.

They were also previously able to make the regular Caséta hub work with it, so it sounds like it’s there on all three of the bridges, but disabled on at least the regular Caséta.


Those integrations are not using telnet, afaik.


Yes, but not using telnet, which allows direct control of pico remotes. With Caseta normal smartbridge and RA2 select, you can have external control over the dimmers and shades, but the picos are only paired directly to a device, as far as I know.

Ah, yes, I meant the other way around. Why have Caseta Pro support telnet, but RA2 select not support it if Radio RA2 does? It seems like they’re just gimping features to keep their own products from eroding their sales of their higher end stuff.


That would be great if you could check! I was considering the RA2 select because I wanted to use their motion sensors not the biggest deal but select has larger range of wall plate designs


Can’t say for the RA2 Select. Bill Hinkle (@BHO) over at the ST forum would know. He helped Gilbert (@thegilberchan) to modify the node.js code to allow him to use his RA2 Select. I know that the node.js server is using Telnet for the SmartBridge Pro. I am still running it until the Hue integration for Hubitat is ready, and just like Hubitat, if I didn’t have Telnet enabled, it doesn’t work.

When I first set up the Lutron Pro SmartApp and node.js server, is how I got to know @stephack and learned about his wonderful Advanced Button Controller code. I was so pleased with that setup, I started looking for a way to do something like it without the need for SmartThings cloud service. That’s when I learned about your fantastic hub that answered exactly what I was looking for, and much more than I was expecting.


Was just closing browser tabs and noticed this earlier post where @thegilbertchan confirms that he has telnet with RA2 Select working with the Lutron Pro app & Node.js server. Sounds like it should be able to work with Hubitat, which would be ideal. You could have Caséta, RA2, Maestro, Zigbee and Z-Wave all controlled by Hubitat automation, Picos and keypads. :star_struck:


Oh interesting. I called Lutron Tech support to ask them about this and they told me no go. But, it wouldn’t be the first time a tech support person didn’t know the real answer. Will have to get my hands on a Ra2 Select.


I am so confused now :slight_smile: I have no programming skills. Hubitat natively supports Lutron, the app for caseta and RA2 Select are the same unlike RA2. would it work natively with hubitat or will I face an issue?


You’re in uncharted territory, my friend. Until the development team gets their hands on one or there’s confirmation from Lutron that telnet is supported, the third option is buy one and find out.


Lutron told me yesterday that RA2 Select does work with telnet based integration, such as ours. I have one on order to verify. Both RA2 and Caséta are known to work natively with Hubitat. Based on what I was told, RA2 Select will as well. Give UPS a chance to get it to me, and I can quickly determine compatibility.


That’s good news. It makes sense, since it’s an upgrade path from caseta pro. I just don’t know why it’s not listed on the feature set.


Are there any drivers for Z-Wave Power Strips?

I have multiple:
Zooz Zen20 (Z-Wave Plus) 5 Switchable End Points
Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC11 (Z-Wave) 4 Switchable End Points with Power Monitoring

Support for Zooz ZEN20 power strip?

Hey! New here and don’t seem to yet be able to start a new topic… so I’ll start out with a reply here.

As I predicted when Samsung acquired SmartThings, they are finally getting around to screwing it up. So I am looking for something to migrate to.

I’ll have dozens of questions down the road, but the deal breaker for me initially is Google Home/Assistant support as I am very firmly entrenched there. Is it on the short list? Is it being worked on as I write this?