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Any Idea whether this monoprice sensor will work with hubitat? It's cheap enough that I would buy it and just try it, but I'm still on the fence about switching over from smartthings to hubitat, so I'd like to find something this cheap that will work regardless of which direction i go.

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO

It won't let me add a link or I would add it.

I've been thinking about trying that one out, but it would be to just replace an existing (and working) older Monoprice (external) door/window sensor. It looks like this, but I believe it's only z-wave, not plus.

I have a feeling the item you reference will work fine as a "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor". Whoever tests it out first will have to let everyone know what happens (and add it to the Wiki if successful).

I use their Recessed Door Sensor version and it works fine via the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

I only have one because it's too sensitive. I mount these in the hinge side of the door jamb. The sensor goes into the jamb and the magnet goes into the door. Well, an open door has the magnet 2-3 inches away, max? This device senses about 2.5" I could get a less sensitive magnet to insert in their holder... OR mount it on another edge. But it makes a great Test device, since I've run out of doors to sense :smiley:


I have the recessed monoprice sensors all over my house and really like them. Both on external doors and on a few internal doors. Internal because lights can start turning on as soon as the door is cracked instead of waiting for motion for a little quicker response. Mine are installed on the top edge on the opening side, so they trigger as soon as the door cracks open.


It works fine with the generic driver.

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With this twice confirmed second hand info, I'll update the wiki list.


I just installed a Osram Smart+ Outdoor Plug (SMART+ Outdoor Plug | OSRAM Lamps). It isn't identified by Hubitat, but works with the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver.. ish.

Pairing info

model:Plug 01
endpoints.03.model:Plug 01

I can turn it off and on, and that works fine. However, the switch state isn't updating unless I manually push Refresh. Then it can read and display the correct state.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Have your pressed CONFIGURE on the device's detail page? That sends a configuration message to the device, including how it should report status updates. I am not sure if this works with the Osram device, but it does work well with most other devices.

I have! No cigar. :confused:

I think I see what it is, will confirm in the morning.

I can confirm as well that the Monoprice ZWave Plus Recessed Sensor works with HE. I’m using the Generic ZWave Contact Sensor driver with it — I tried the Aeotec Recessed Sensor driver, but it didn’t work. Works fine with the Generic one though.

confirmed as to the reporting issue, we're frozen on release 1.1.2, so this fix will be in 1.1.3

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With all the above talk about the Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO , I decided to get one and give it a try. Since it paired as "Device" I figured I'd report the fingerprint here.

@mike.maxwell :

Manufacturer:0109Product Name:DeviceModel Number:Unknown Part NumberdeviceTypeId:15








and it works with generic zwave contact sensor?

That's what the others were saying, but my jury is still out. Right now (for me) it's still showing "Current States - contact : open". Also, it's not showing "battery" as a State, so I'm going to give it some time and see what happens.

UPDATE: It seems to be working properly now. I now have states for contact, tamper, and battery.


Docs list Auto Wakeup time at every 6 hours but also suggests removing the cap (and triggering tamper mode) will wakeup the device. After my open/close was working (but not showing tamper or battery) I opened the device (causing "Tamper" to become alarmed) and it sent the battery status along with it.

Just a tip for those who don't want to wait 6 hours to see the battery status.

Also, once paired I had to fully assemble the device to see it work, it didn't see to want to show open/closed until after the tamper had been cleared the first time.

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@mike.maxwell This is the only post I could find [by stumbling upon it after not being able to search for it] that mentions the NEEO remote. Is there a topic, code, documentation, or anything that you can link me too?

Haven't yet received my hub, but the first thing I'd like to do is setup the NEEO with it


I own two of these, but have done very very little towards integrating them into HE, so whilst I personally have the beginnings of an integration, it's a long way from prime time if you follow.

Gotcha. I should probably start my HE journey on simple devices anyhow, given I’ve only just received the ST hub and ordered the HE a week later. I imagine the learning curve’s a steady one from the Fibaro HC2 I used to have

Deffo be keen to hear how you get on with the NEEO when you get back to it