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I have the newest Smartthings Motion sensor. It will not pair with Hubitat. It pairs immediately with ST. ST IDE lists it as model motionv4. Has anyone been able to pair this? Here's a picture from ST. image

if it pairs “immediately” with ST, it probably hasn’t been properly excluded. Exclude from ST, turn off ST hub and remove batteries, reset device, then retry.

It’s not uncommon for zigbee devices to take quite a while to pair. Make sure you reset it first, get it close to hubitat then initiate pairing. Be patient, it can take a couple minutes to pair, but it will.

I’ve done all that. I’ll try again…

this is zigbee. excluding is for zwave.
I have zigbee same devices on multiple hubs.

It’s not on the supported devices list yet. It might not have a driver for it built in.

If/when you get it paired, if it shows up just as device then select details and post them here to be added to the database.

One item I didn’t get clarity on yesterday was the Linear Garage Door opener. Is that Hubitat compatible?

It’s not on the Compatible Devices wiki I linked in the post above yours, so it hasn’t been confirmed to work by either a staff member or an owner. If it has a custom driver on Smartthings, you can use the App and driver porting to Hubitat wiki to get started on the conversion, and if you run into trouble, post on the forum for help.

I have the Iris version of this controller. It was a pain to pair but it works perfectly after porting the dth.

See this post for details.

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Device finally paired on 4th attempt. Working fine now.

I have the GoControl GD00Z-4 which should be the same model number for Linear, if that’s it, works fine.

Works fine ‘out of the box’ or with tweaking as mentioned above?

I reset it, did a forced exclusion to be safe, then joined. It either set it, or I set it, to the built in driver. Worked fine.

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I paired a new one immediately wihout any problems


@mike.maxwell @denise.grider … I never heard of the Centralite Pearl until now, it looks great. Love that it has a big fat “Hold” button, our current Nest makes my wife kind of lose her mind, and I have not really found any suitable replacement that had this ability or at least presented it intuitively.

+1 for this if you have the time Mike, thanks in advance.

They’ve not been mentioned specifically in this thread, so I’ll confirm that Sengled Element Classic E11-G13W bulbs pair as a generic “Device”, but work just great when the Generic Zigbee Bulb device driver is assigned. Make sure to click the Configure button in the device details page in the Hubitat UI to properly configure the bulbs, as mentioned by @mike.maxwell here.

These bulbs accept dimmer setLevel commands, and also support the dimmer delay/speed value. I did a bunch of tests and reported their behavior with different combinations of on/off/setLevel/delay in this thread.

I’m not sure if there’s any plans to add fingerprint lines to the Generic Zigbee Bulb device driver, but in case there is, here’s the needed info after pairing one of my bulbs.

Pairing information details with in/out Clusters (click arrow to view)


The only thing that isn’t present in the Generic Zigbee Device driver that would be lovely to have is power usage reporting.

I know that the Sengled Classic bulbs definitely report usage, as I found in my testing of a custom SmartThings device handler I found here.

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Thanks for the fingerprint, we do add these as we receive compatibility confirmation from the community

I see the GoControl / Linear WAPIRZ-1 is on the compatibility list here and mine easily paired to Hubitat using the Generic Z-Wave Motion driver. It does indeed work for motion but does not support this device’s temperature or tamper indication, or allow configuring options such as batter reporting interval, re-trigger time, and others. However @krlaframboise 's SmartThings Go Control driver easily ported over (with a few physicalgraph -> hubitat edits); seems to work perfectly and supports all the features.

It would be great if you support

Lutron/RadioRA2 select/ bridge, dimmers