Compatibilty with Tuya Lights

Hi All.

Just joined :slight_smile: From the UK.
Been using ST for a while but want the local processing that Hubitat provides.

I have Lohas (Tuya) lights and ST motion sensors (IM6001/MTP02).
I updated the firmware on the lights to Tasmota (tuya-convert).
Are these all compatible with Hubitat?
If so anything I should be aware of?
Would I need to flash the firmware again?
I will have a good search of the docs later, but want to be ready to go if Vesternet have an offer tomorrow.

Speaking of, is Vesternet an approved reseller? Price would be about the same as buying it direct and can get it delivered in a few days (or next day for a few quid).


I have ordered the hub from Vesternet. If it does not work with my devices I will just return it.

It looks like my devices might be supported but I need to load drivers for them and maybe an app (makes sense). Seems to be conflicting opinions on which to use and some posts are old so don't know if still working with that version. Also cannot figure out if I need to use Hubitat specific Tasmota firmware for the lights or use what I already have. I was told it would be like this with Hubitat compared to ST so guess I will have to use trial and error until I get it working (or not) :wink:

First, if you have not already, install Hubitat Package Manager. This is a great app for easily finding community apps, and easily updating them.

Search for 'Tasmota' to find Tasmota for Hubitat Elevation. It is the most essential app I have on HE! I now have 39 Tuya converted devices in HE, and 12 on the shelf ready to install (already Tazmotized).

You will need to update your Tasmota version to Marcus's Tasmota-webhook version that allows it to keep in sync with HE. Support for this is no longer on the community hear, it's a long story. I did the 8.5.1 Tasmota minimal version first, then the webhook version. Its a chore, but worth it. Search on google or github to find Marcus's drivers.

My HE now has only 10 z-wave outlets, then the rest are tasmota, and 35 or so zigbee sensors (plus 5 repeaters for them) I try to preach and preach how great this setup is if you can do the conversions.

Hope that is enough to get you started, if you are that far into this, the hard part for you is done.

Good Luck!

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Thanks. Only just ordered the hub. Should be with me on Monday so will spend the day moving everything over (testing with one light and sensor first). Will take a look for Marcus's Tasmota now. Thanks again.

Do you know if it is Ok to downgrade from the original Tasmota firmware 9.1.0 version to the 8.5.1 hubitat webhooks version? The original Tasmota firmware webpage states: "While fallback or downgrading is common practice it was never supported due to Settings additions or changes in newer releases. Starting with release v9.1.0 Imogen the internal GPIO function representation has changed in such a way that fallback is only possible to the latest GPIO configuration before installing v9.1.0."

Edit: Tried it with an unused light. The minimal installed Ok but the webhooks one seems to have broken it. No longer responds on its IP and light will not switch on. Guess I might have to keep my live lights on the original Tasmota firmware?

After you do the webhook version, it will be back to default. Look for it again (tasmota_xxxx or whatever) on wifi and re-do your wifi settings. Don't forget 'reset 5' as the first thing you do from the console line.

Hmmmm, I noticed when I flashed to minimal it mentioned oh-lalabs. I just tried the url for this and it seems the developer was kicked from here (which I guess is what was meant by "its a long story")? So I guess this means there will be no updates or support for Tuya devices using the Marcus firmware. Shame as this seemed really interesting to me. Not really interested in the details but I will do some thinking and sleep on it. I am probably going to contact Vesternet and cancel the Hubitat if no official support for my Tuya lights. Guess I am stuck with ST's cloud for now!

Marcus is still supporting it, There is a forum on their community for this app. I don't want to type any url for their page here out of respect for HE. Google around and you can find the forum you are looking for.
I would give it a chance. It is a great platform and community, and the Tasmota HE app is solid and supported. The alternative being ST.... Ugg. Or the massive learning and knowledge needed for HomeAssistant, I'm not ready for that. Think about it.

Thanks but something does not seem right about all this. I am not sure I want to get involved with the Hubitat at this time and sleeping on it is not necessary, as this would likely mean it would be too late to cancel the posatge of the device. I have conatcted Vesternet and asked them not to post it and to refund me. If I chnage my mind later I can always order again. Besdies I am one light down and not even sure if I wnat to risk upgrading my live ones.

Sorry I should have said I did check the router. I have a lease reserved by mac and it is not there. There are also no other new devices and it does not even power up (seems completly dead). Not too big a worry (as not an in-use light) but fixing it would be something new to learn and I have a serial cable so might look it up.

There’s an app called pure tasmota connect on this forum. It only works with single-switches but it works without any custom tasmota.

Tuya has recently become a member of the Zigbee Alliance. Thus, they are in the process of coming out with Zigbee 3.0 devices which should be fully certified and fully compatible with Hubitat. WiFi devices and Zigbee devices all share a similar RF band, but different RF channels. Bluetooth also operates in this same range of frequencies. Hopefully, Tuya devices will soon be compatible with Zigbee using normal pairing procedures and device handlers.

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