Comparison of Hubitat Hub Hardware Specs?

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Has anyone put together a comparison of the various generations of Hubitat Hubs highlighting their significant differences?

Here’s a recent post with some info:

Which links to this older thread that mentions the original C3 specs:

@aaiyar might have some other thoughts.

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The most significant difference between C-7 and the C-5 is the 700-series z-wave radio in the former.

The biggest difference between the C-7/C-5 and the C-3/C-4 are the integrated radios in the former. Also, I believe the C-3/C-4 run a 64-bit Java VM while the newer models have a 32-bit VM.

Here's what I gathered so far.

My interest is not in getting into the weeds but I have "heard" things like the C-5 and C-7 run cooler. True?

Are the LAN interfaces all 100/Full? Or do some newer hubs have 1 gig?

Do the C-5's have all the Z-Wave regions like the C-7 does?

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From what I read here. Also, AFAIK, the difference between the C-3 and C-4 is the stenciling on the case.

Yes. And not gigabit.

Do the C-5's have all the Z-Wave regions like the C-7 does?

Only N. America. All other regions require an external radio.

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Now you have my curiosity why HE went from 64bit to 32bit, seems backwards.

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These system only have 1GB of RAM, so 32bit is more than adequate, and actually results in smaller code. Thus, the 32bit systems actually use less memory.

The C3/C4 actually make use of a swap file (if necessary), where the C5/C7 does not.


C3 and C4 were identical but for the plastic case.




With the C-3 and C-4, does the external/separate radios and Z-wave regions mean that additional hardware is required to communicate with Zigbe or Z-wave devices?




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The C3 and C4 would be quite old by now, I think they were last sold previous to February 2019 when the C5 was introduced. The chances of finding one for purchase would be slim. Additionally, the C3 was a fairly limited release.

Both the C3 and C4 still get updates and are functional, but there have been improvements that make the C7, which is the only hub currently for sale, worthwhile. The improvements to the Z-wave radio make the C7 the best option at this time.


This is correct, C3 and C4 did not have internal radios. If you have further questions about hardware, please start a new topic, as this thread is over 2 years old now, so out of date.