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So Life360 app has a Refresh button that polls the service to check status of all devices - and pushing that button fixes incorrect location status.

I just tested with iPhone app and if I manually set myself as departed from HE device then either opening the app OR clicking "Send Geo Event" from settings page - either one will correct incorrect status.

We can send Device Notifications from HE to iPhone App devices, could we get a "button" that would trigger a "Send Geo Event" when pushed? That could solve this.


Where are you thinking this button would be?


Life360 has it here:

So likewise here:

Next to Device Notification


So you want to be able to do this when you don't know the actual geo-state of the phone? Because otherwise you could just press Arrived or Departed, right?


So if either status changes - and they don't match (xor) then I want to wait a minute (to catch up) then push both the Life360 refresh and iPhone App refresh button - once they poll they should then agree on location (inside or outside).


What I'm getting at is whether you could just know what state the iPhone app should be in, and put it in that state. Aren't you assuming after you refresh Life360 that it is authoritative? If so, why not at that point just force the iPhone into the same state.

Incidentally, we believe the issue that precipitated this is largely resolved in the current beta release of the iPhone app.


I don't want to force one or the other. I have seen cases where Life360 didn't update for 5-10 minutes but the iPhone app was correct. I want to ensure if either device triggers enter/exit then I give them a minute to match or poll both of them to either correct the one that is currently incorrect. So even if one says it exited (but really didn't) the delay gives pause to correct or poll them both - which should cause them both to sync.


@bravenel Is there still any reason why the android phone is not changing to present when a phone arrives. The wife's phone still does this. I have removed the app and reloaded it and signed in on her phone. Her version shows 1.27 and my phone shows 1.28. The phones are both the same. thanks

EDIT: I found the reason her phone was not showing the correct status of present. The geofence was not located at our home. But why does it show her phone on version 1.27 and mine 1.28?