Community Website Issues! [RESOLVED?]

I just posted this a little while ago so hopefully it hasn't duplicated...

The community site appears to be experiencing some issues. Takes a long time for the site to come up in my browser and then it just stops when I try to do anything. I can get to main "" site just fine along with other sites on the internet including the Node-RED community site which uses the same server chat technology.

I've tested this on 3 different machines on my network including Windows 10 laptop, Windows 8.1 laptop and a Linux desktop running Fedora KDE. I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Konqueror and they all behave the same way - slow to come up then nothing.

I've noticed things starting to slow down over the last week or so.. so it might be on my end or related to my account maybe?

However due to my addiction to this community this issue is probably a very good and necessary thing for me...

:scream: :scream: :scream:

Working fine for me on my PC, iPhone and iPad maybe it's a routing issue on the internet?

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Yep. There are large outages all over the US internet right now. 33% packet drops in Arizona.


Having issues here in the UK as well.

Something is afoot me thinks........

I am having troubles too. We are investigating...


Still nice and zippy here.

It seems to be back now!

Back to normal now.

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Apparently, it's not just the US, it's global.

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Different servers I think...

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It’s probably this:


It's internet outages day everyone! :confetti_ball: :tada:

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If only they could have waited 24 hours....:yum:

Yeah, looks like cloudflare blamed centurylink. And centurylink says the outage has been restored.


wasnt the site.. it was a major backbone outage at level3 . Made many websites and dns servers unreacheable.

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