Community Device Drivers (AKA Compatible Devices Wiki)

That's not a community supported device but a built-in device.

I updated the supported devices wiki, now it just needs to be approved by Hubitat for it to post. Thanks!



GLEDOPTO 12W Dual white and color Zegbee bulb (GL-B-008ZS)(Generic RGBW Bulb Driver)
GLEDOPTO RGB+CCT LED Strip Light(mini usb controller with the Generic driver) AliXpress link to product

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Oslo, Norway

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Yesterday I added Wink Siren and Chime and Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat (TH8320ZW) to the list above. I hope I did it right, do I need to add more info? Anything else I can add to be useful?


Added Innr SP 224 Smart Plug, using generic Zigbee or custom Iris handler.

Also Kwikset 888 5-button deadbolt Generic Z-Wave lock. Documentation makes it sound like you can also set it up as Zigbee.

Added GoControl Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (Linear WADWAZ-1) as Generic Z-Wave Contract Sensor
GoControl Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector (Linear WAPIRZ-1) as Generic Z-Wave Motion/Temperature Sensor

I know they are Linear underneath, which is shown in the main compatibility list, but I thought it might be worth mentioning them by the name I bought them as which was GoControl.


Added Ecowitt GW1000. A low cost weather sensor internet gateway which can be used directly via LAN only with HE.

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Added the Abode driver now that it's GA/Stable. Added links to the Ecobee and IFTTT mentions because they looked lonely :wink:

@mike.maxwell I recently added a few Sylvania smart+ flex rgbw lightstrips. They paired as generic zigbee bulbs, so I changed the driver to rgbw bulb and they’re working fine.

On the compatible list so maybe the footprint changed? Details during pairing pasted below. Thanks.

Was a driver ever produced for the ubino RGBW controller?

Not yet, no.

@philippe.charette, yuou should add yoru stelpro stuff to this list.

They've been working great for me so far!

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Also, it works as a repeater in case anyone is interested.

I added my Trane Z-Wave Thermostats (TZEMT400BB32MAA) to my HE config. They're regular Z-Wave, not Z-Wave Plus, but they registered just fine in-location.

I ran these for a few yrs prior to the Nests they now replace, and they're solid (require C-Wire)

In HE, they work fine with the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver, so their details need to be attached for automatic driver selection.

They're this Z-Wave device in Chris's catalog:

he also includes links to the Doc for the device:

I'd like to put in a request for a generic zigbee temperature/humidity sensor.

Konke, Aqara, Tuya, AduraSmart and others make such a device, and I believe that others are coming.

I am currently using for this purpose a community developed Konke driver, but I'd like to use a built in driver.

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You might want to post this under the feature request forum. It's unlikely to be noticed much here under the documentation wiki...


Hello folks,

I would like to report that I have tried some Zigbee sensors that aren't officially in the list of Supported Devices but they work great. The device is the Ecolink model 4655BC0-R Zigbee Wireless Door/Window Sensors. They are auto-detected by HE using the Zigbee device pairing function. HE detects them as "Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor" but I manually changed the device type from the dropdown to be a "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor" and they are working great.

I am using these to trigger lights on/off on interior doors in conjunction with Tasmota WiFi wall switches and it's working well for this. The delay after opening a door is about a half second to a second, which is acceptable for me.

These also report temperature if that is important for you. I am not using this functionality as of yet but I might find a way to use it later. I do have an interest in monitoring my HVAC performance but I have higher priority integrations to tackle first.

Best part about these is that I got 10 of them off of eBay for $49.99+tax with free shipping! 10 Ecolink Zigbee Wireless Door/Window Contact Samsung SmartThin 851166005046 | eBay

No way of knowing what the battery life is yet as I've only had them 4 days. But for an as-delivered price of about $5.30 per unit, it's worth it to me taking a chance on the battery life.

What battery do they take?

CR2450 0.5A is what the label says. I haven't taken any of them apart as there doesn't appear to be an easy way to do so without causing at least a little physical damage. The battery comes installed with a pull tab to keep it from making contact.

[Edit] Well never mind it wasn't too bad to pull it apart with some thumb power. Panasonic CR2450.

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Those look very nice. I do like the longevity of the CR2 batteries in my Iris sensors though.

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