Community Device Driver/App List?

I'm coming over from SmartThings (and HomeSeer before that, and ADI before that...) I'm also the author of LANNouncer, which I'm delighted to see someone ported the device handler for.

I'm not able to find a list of community apps and device drivers, or a github repo for them. For example, Samsung TVs via IP, or some of the Zigbee LED Strip Lights. They don't seem to be cataloged here or in the Wiki. Where should I be looking?


Despite various attempts to create something, there isn't really one place. Here are few of the attempts I can think of:

If you have a specific device (or ported app/driver) in mind, the best thing to do is probably a search here on the Community forum to see if someone has created (or ported) something. If you're not sure or can't find anything, there a lot of helpful people here (like ST) and someone will probably comment if they've seen something for it.

PS - While I'm loving the Hubitat Sonos (and unofficial Alexa TTS) integrations a lot, I definitely appreciated LANnouncer on ST and in my early Hubitat days and might find a way to bring it back up again soon, so thanks for that!

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