Community Apps/Drivers Portal

Could not resist :wink:
Had to go through it ....

Some thoughts on your website.

First GREAT JOB....

Second it needs some refinement from a UX standpoint.
My personal obeservations:

-The site needs to be mobile optimized, people will leave the site in less than 5 seconds. If you have some level of traffic analysis that shows origin of traffic by browser user agent you should be able to validate this.

  • Some pages are extensively long, people nowadays hate long webpages. For example your 'App Restrictions and Logging" page should have in fact a couple sub pages (one for each restriction for example).

  • Sub-menus are really nice when the child items of the menu are under 6 elements any more than that and it becomes impractical to use a sub menu as solution to link content. I would suggest that you would remove the child items on apps and drivers and create a subpage home for each. Additionally, for example, on the subpage Home for APPs i would create categories of Content, not many just a few more Generic Categories like Security & Presence, Wellbeing and Health ( weather stations, termostats, Air Quality Apps, etc), Etc. Than list each app on the respective category (please take in consideration my previous point about page length and density).

  • Create a Search Function for APPs and Drivers (almost critical for Drivers) which allow users for example to search on the drivers section for drivers by Manufacturer (Aeon,Xiaomi, Etc), by Developer, last update, most used arc

Side note, I do agree with your thoughts on the contact details. I didn't probably explained myself entirely :wink: I was referring a link to the developer community profile, to give thanks to the developer

Just my initial thoughts :slight_smile:

I had a whole response written last week that, for some reason, I never hit Reply for ... :laughing:

Awesome work! I am looking forward to playing around with this later on.

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This website is not an alternative to the or websites.
I don't expect visitors to 'browse' this website. It's not for perusing during afternoon tea!

Excessively long or not, the pages are showing necessary information which some of the users of my apps have requested.
If they can't be bothered to read the entire page then they will not have all the information (that they have requested) required to configure the app correctly.

Categorisation was considered for the menu but found to be of little use as most of the apps fell into every category we could think of.
Although I must admit that we never considered a 'wellbeing' category..
Oh... that's right I haven't created an app for wellbeing yet.. I really must add that to my roadmap.

This website is not a 'sales' tool encouraging you to buy something from me.
If you need the information and you can't read it correctly on your phone.. Use a PC or similar device so you can get the information you require! Or don't! It's entirely up to the individual visitor.

I don't get paid for my work producing these apps and with the exception of a small donation from myself @Royski did not get paid for creating this website.
If you or other people are offended by my long pages and find them tedious in any way then I suggest that you, and they, create their own apps, drivers & website.

This is for my apps & drivers only..
This is a PERSONAL website and will always remain so.
I do not write or support drivers for Aeon, Xiaomi, etc.
There will only ever be about 20 - 25 apps and a few drivers available as I find maintaining more too time consuming.
I think that's not really too many to look through should people require an app or driver.
It's a small amount of effort compared to the hundreds of hours I have spent creating and developing these apps/drivers and @Royski has spent creating the website for me.

The original question I posed in this thread was would something similar but for multiple developers be of use.
I had/have no intention of adding other developers to my website.

On a final note:
I would appreciate if you could please provide the URL of a website that you have designed and created so that Roy and I may gain incite as to how it's done properly.

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Mate you completely misread me.
For YOUR own apps, this site works. Hence I said great job as opener.

However the question at hand was a solution for the community.
For the community, taking your site as an example, it will not work as it lacks what I refer to.
I was simple referring to it as an evolution for all Community developed apps and drivers.

I thought that I was being clear on that, apparently not. No need to take it personally.

Indeed I do take it personally.
If not for myself, then for all @Royski's hard work


As i mention somewhere here in the forim I'm not a coder.

I've been a program/Portfolio and Business Transformation Director for large IT projects at global scale, with projects valued over $100 million per project. I had deals with clients with over 150 000 workers so i know a thing or too about customer satisfaction, user adoptation and penetration.
Sadly as all projects were/are under NDA legally I cannot refer to it.

Please don't.
Was simply a constructive opinion, or intended as such, how to evolve your website into a community website.

Both of your hard work is really appreciated.