Communication from phone to hub

Just curious here as to how something works. Have an issue from time to time as to presence not working right. This morning my wife and I left together. Neither one of us was paying attention and didn’t realize the alarm didn’t set. Some time later when it came to mind I checked the items in our phones, Life360, Google Home, Alexa presence, and HE app. All said we were not present. When I got home I checked the events and logs. None of that info apparently made it to the hub.

So assuming at the point of no presence there was some break in the internet connection either on my end or some where in the middle. If I understand right all that has to go thru the HE server to get to my hub.

So my question is, these events don’t get queued up somewhere and then get sent on when things re-connect? In other words, if the connection is broke at the instant the event occurs it is lost?

Hope that made sense.

Might want to add a rule for activity presence. If there is no activity, motion, light switch, whatever over a long period of time have HE send you a notification. It sounds like your hub might have been offline, so a notification may not have been an option either.

I have never really seen the scenario you mention, I have had devices not report properly when we arrived or left, but never had them report probably and not have HE respond. If it was a issue of not reporting back to the Hub because it was offline, as soon as it came back online it should have triggered any rules based on changes to presence. You say you checked the items on your phone, but did you look at the Hub while you were away to see what it said?

I know my hub was online when I checked as I was able to turn on the alarm using a switch I have on a dashboard. This was done when we realized the alarm hadn't come on with presence.

When I got home I looked at the history on the phones and saw where the presence was set as gone at the correct time. Even in the HE app debug log it showed leaving.

Then I checked the devices on the hub and none of them showed an event at the time in question. In fact none of them ever showed departing during the time we were gone. I also checked the logs and nothing showed up there.

So not sure where the snafu come in. Obviously my phone notified the apps that I was gone, but it didn't get sent on it's way. I was wondering mainly if somewhere in the link if there was something down, maybe no phone service, at that particular time if that could cause the problem.

It doesn't happen that often to be of any concern and usually I don't even look at what might have gone wrong. Just happened to this time.