[Comments & Feedback] Most Popular Motion Sensors in 2023

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Best one out there is the Aqara FP2. Too bad it doesn't connect directly to Hubitat.


I'm quite happy with my Thirdreality, I love that I can use a rechargeable battery. But I'd gladly pay a bit more for one with a lux sensor.

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@bobbyD are you sure about moving my post? Third Reality had two different ones. I think the initial post was about the battery operated one versus the 3 in 1.

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Not sure, good point. @Pat-C when you have a chance could you please specify the model of your Third Reality entry?


I second the FP2 vote. That is hands down the most innovative, most accurate, most responsive and useful motion sensor this year, and of all time.


Since @Pat-C didn't get a chance to clarify which Third Reality model he nominated, I moved your comment back to the nominations.

@Pat-C if you'd like to nominate another TR model, please add it back to the list. I removed your nomination for now. Thanks for your input.

Aeotec SmartThings, not the cheapest but never had any issues with them

TUYA Human Presence Detect v3.0.

Works fine and very reasonably priced.


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The Aqara FP2.

I second that! Direct connection to HE would be amazing. I understand this is a blue tooth device. Shame there's no Aqara hub integration

Hopefully, Aqara will expose the FP2 motion sensor via Matter Gateway function in their hubs later this year.

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In the meantime the Moe's/Linptech ES1 is a good runner up and extremely well priced.

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Another vote for the Philips Hue zigbee motion sensors - both indoors & outdoor versions.
Reliable and great battery life.

My Aeotec multisensors are great, but pricier and get through the batteries quicker.


Brand new Ikea motion not on the market long enough to declare a "popularity winner"....

BUT...if the last two weeks are any indication I gotta say the VALUE to PERFORMANCE ratio is high.

Even pushing my luck by having this INDOOR motion outdoors under an outdoor porch awning and it's a fast catcher with speedy reporting to HE. We'll see how it does once the summer heat comes, that seems to be the "sensitivity test" for all these. Oh and I haven't had it up long enough to comment on the battery life which, as we know, has been a sore spot for some Ikea devices.

It is nice to see that Ikea is committing to making their next generation Zigbee stuff WORK better....and aligned with standards (and thus hubs other than their own). That didn't seem to be the case initially.


$8.99 is a great price for it. And I like that it uses 2 AAA batteries.


+1 on these. Love they report temp which affects battery life (6months for me), but still great!
Second favorite (longer battery life) has been the Zooz ZSE18

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Agreed, its aeotec for me too